150 corals LANDING tomorrow

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    Indonesia are landing tomorrow!!!! ALL 150 SPECIMENS OF THEM!:thumbup:

    ETA – 11H30 ON Thursday 2009-04-29

    Red/Orange Carnation Soft Coral - Dendronephthya Divaricata

    Blue Cauliflower Sponge - Nephtheis Fascicularis

    B. Hammer Coral Green - Euphyllia Ancora - M

    Hammer Coral Green Metalic - Euphyllia Ancora - M

    B. Octopus Flower Coral Green Mtlc - Euphyllia Divisa - M

    Elegant Coral - Catalaphyllia Jardinei - M + L

    Modern Coral (Red) - Cynarina Lacrymalis

    Flat Brain Coral (Colored) - Lobophyllia Hemprichii

    Green Metalic Doughnut Coral - Scolymia Vitiensis

    Red Doughnut Coral - Scolymia Vitiensis

    Red/Green Plate Coral Short Ttcl - Fungia Fungites

    Red Lemon Coral - Goniopora Minor

    Green Metallic Jewelpot - Goniopora Minor

    Lemon Coral Green Metalic - Goniopora Minor

    Green Mtlc Branch. Lemon Crl - Goniopora Minor

    Green Bubble Coral - Plerogyra Sinuosa - M

    Cotton Carnation Soft Crl - Roxasia Mirabilis

    Red Cotton Carnation Soft Crl - Roxasia Mirabilis

    Yellow Umbrella Soft Crl - Sarcophyton Glaucum

    Pink Finger Soft Coral - Sinularia Asterolobata

    Yellow Finger Soft Coral - Sinularia Asterolobata

    Red Orange Silk Soft Coral - Scleronophyta Sp.

    Red Rose Brain Coral - Trachyphyllia Geoffroyi

    Green Pagoda Coral - Turbinaria Mesenterina

    Candycane Coral - Caulastraea Echinulata

    Fire Anemone - Actinodendron Plumosum

    Dwarf Anemone - Bartholomea Spec

    Clownfish Anemone White - Cryptodendrum Adhaesivum

    Brick Red Rose Anemone - Radianthus Malu - M/L + S

    Pink Sand Anemone - Radianthus Malu

    Purple Long Ttcl Anemone - Radianthus Malu

    Button Polyps - Zoanthus Isaurus

    Green Metalic Button Polyps - Zoanthus Spec.

    Colored Button Polyps - Zoanthus Propalythoa

    Blue/Pink Button Polyps - Zoanthus Propalythoa - L

    Tiger Sponge - Halichora Spec

    Colored Pepper Sponge - Halichora Spec.

    Blue Metalic Mushroom - Actinodiscus Coeruleus

    Mushroom Green Metalic - Actinodiscus Mutabilis

    Colored Ringed Mushroom - Discosoma Sp.

    Purple Furry Mushroom - Discosoma Sp.

    Giant Cup Mushrooms/Leaf - Rhodactis Sanctithomae

    Giant Cup Mushrooms/Leaf - Rhodactis Sanctithomae - L

    Green Pimple Mushrooms - Ricordia Florida - S

    Mushrooms Striped - Actinodiscus Striatus - M + S

    Marble Mushroom - Actinodiscus Marmoratus

    Tube-Bldg Anemone Orange - Cerianthus Membranaceus - M + L

    Symphyllia Coral (Colored) - Symphyllia Sp.

    Symphyllia Coral (Green Metalic) - Symphyllia Sp.

    Colored Acropora - Acropora Spp. - M

    Sea Hare Nudibranch - Dolabrifera dolabrifera

    Red Flying Scallop - Lima Sp.

    Montipora Coral (Colored) - Montipora spp

    Colored Echinophora - Echinophora Lamellosa

    Horn Coral Colored - Hydnophora Exesa

    Big Pipe Coral - Blastomussa Wellsi

    Green Goniastrea Coral - Goniastrea Pectinata

    Red Moon Coral - Favites Chinensis

    Encrusting Coral (Color) - Blastomussa Wellsi

    Encrusting Coral Blue Red - Blastomussa Wellsi

    Red Acanthastrea Coral - Acanthastrea Echinata

    We will be open (FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE) on Friday from 09H00 to 14H00:slayer::yeahdude:

    But do not snooze – last time 50% + sold out on the 1st day.

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