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    Pintrest is a visual discovery tool containing all sorts of ideas for everything from Cooking, DIY, Cars and yes even Reef Tanks. We’ve come up with 14 Pintrerest boards you can follow for inspiration in your home reef tank and aquarium themed projects. We could say more about each of these boards, but we will leave you to explore.​

    [​IMG]Reef Builders on Pinterest

    [​IMG]Need to look up your Zoa’s? You can start here, this board has over 250 pictures of Zoanthids & Palythoas

    [​IMG]Over 600 full tank shots for inspiration in your home aquarium

    [​IMG]A board of juice acropora corals ready for your home aquarium

    [​IMG]One board with everything aquarium, fish, corals, and full tank shots this board’s got it all

    [​IMG]This whimsical collection of ocean inspired art, mermaids and sea shells

    [​IMG]This board contains a beautiful mix of coral art, fossils, textures and corals in the wild

    [​IMG]A collection of mostly freshwater tanks, beautifully displayed and aquascaped

    [​IMG]This board will make you want to set up your own planted aquarium

    [​IMG]Do you like pretty pictures of coral? Click here for beauty under the sea

    [​IMG]Another great board to inspire your home aquarium, with full tank shots, corals, fish and DIY

    [​IMG]If clownfish are your thing, this board is right for you

    [​IMG]A collection of angelfish

    [​IMG]All the latest products on Reef Builders

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    pity its all Pinterest

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