1200mm Surf Tank

20 Jul 2008
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The surf tank has begun!! My 1200x600x600 black silicon Wavebox powered journey has begun!!! It will all be 10mm with double euro bracing specifically so that i could use a wavebox, its been paid for with blood and tears and is currently under construction. The overflow is a C2C and this tank will probably be my 'final tank' so to speak, for a while at least :) The skimmer will be a TS3, my lighting will be a DIY job with 2 150W 10000k MH and 4 54W T5 actinics. Eventually i would like to run the lighting unit off a PLC with other nice goodies like temperature probes and pH meters etc, but for now i will just do it the manual labour way :) The stand will be 38x38mm square steel painted with hammerite.
I have received my first piece of the new puzzle :) A Tunze Nano Wavebox :yeahdude:
The 6206 is rated for a 600 Litre display tank and mine is 400 so its well capable. As soon as i got it home i passed GO and went straight to the bathroom to begin the tests :p I had about 60-70 litres of RO in a container which was the perfect place to field test the new toy :)



After this sort of worked i got a bit bolder and tried in the skimmer tank :) the noise was much less now aswell, so i think the plastic and the wooded stool the container were on in the first video made things worse


Well, thats all for now, got to wait for my tank and stand then i can go further :)
Ahhhh! Wavebox! With this toy theres really no need to go to the beach - Everyone - Surf's up dudes at Scuba's place!Awesome piece of equipment man - Congratulations - Enjoy the rest of your "surfing" days
congrats stuart. looking forward to seeing the outcome.
Way to go SN. Keep us up to speed with teh progress
hi Scuba,that sounds like an awesome setup.I am trying to plan a similar sort of tank without all the experience.Is 10mm glass fine for a 1.2m tank, also do you have some sort of plan as I want to show my lfs how i would like it done. I am also wanting a euro braced black silicone tank with similar lighting. I hope you build goes well and look forward to your updates.
how does the wavebox work in comparison to other flow pumps. do you jst need to use the wavebox by itself, or must you still use flow pumps with it?
this is going to be a whopper of a system, some serious thought has gone into this one.
Hi Scuba-just saw the video of the wave box in action. Incredible!Do you need to strengthen the tank to accomadate the box? Also is it noisy?
Are you planning a rimless design or are you having a lid? I am trying a rimless tank and want to know if the box makes alot of noise?
BTW: do you mind if I ask how much does this cost?
im not entirely sure but i think it costs in the reigon of 4k.
Awesome scuba!!
:shuriken:you need to explain this wave maker to me i had the idea that it pumps water into an container witch tilt when it's full thus cosing the wave motion.
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