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    101 Nano Reef Species is a new forthcoming book from Scott Michael, the archetypal aquarium fish guru who laid down the tracks for young fish nerds and the next generation of rare fish enthusiasts alike. 101 Nano Reef Species is a departure from Michael’s best selling Marine Fishes: 500 Essential to Know Species and 101 Best Saltwater Fishes.

    Where his previous guides were strictly references of fishy wisdom, 101 Nano Reef Species covers the best species of fish, corals, and invertebrates for nano reef tanks and beginning hobbyists. An introductory section to Michael’s new nano reef handbook introduces the fundamentals of what beginner marine aquarists need to know, and how to navigate the sections of the book.

    If history is any indication, 101 Nano Reef Species will become the new standard beginner aquarium book for learning the basics, and beginning to navigate the knowledge required to have a successful first marine aquarium, or first nano aquarium. An exact release date has not yet been announced but we should expect Scott Michael’s new aquarium guide to be widespread on LFS store shelves when it becomes available.

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