For sale [FS] 1000L Marine Tank, Life Stock and Accessories for Sale

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1000L Marine Tank, Life Stock and Accessories for Sale​

Hello everyone.
Thanks for accepting my invite.

I have a 1000 LTR 2.3MTR Marine tank.
My dad wants to sell the complete Tank with all accessories and Beautiful life stock.
2x LED lights
Sump, Skimmers, Calcium Reactor, Pumps, Artificial Life Rock, Corals and so much more.

He's got approx 10K food to also include in the package.

I will attach some pictures for all to see... On request I can senda Video. Its a bit to big for the platform.

Any one interested please let me know. We don't really have a fixed price, so we are looking for a potential buyer to make a offer.

Then we have the following to be sold as separate Items:
This was from my husbands Marine Tank.
-2x LED Lights (See Pictures)
-2x UV Lights
- 1x Chiller (See Pictures)
- Artificial Life Rock (see pictures) Drums not included.

Hope to hear your thoughts soon.
Photo Requirements
  1. Photo's are of the ACTUAL livestock or hardware being advertised.
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