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    This extra large reef tank belonging to Sébastien Ginguené is an excellent display of a balanced fish and coral reef aquarium. Sébastien who goes by the handle ‘SebNantes’ on the forums has a well documented history with marine fish only and reef aquariums on his website where Seb discusses the challenges of building, filtering and stocking such a large aquarium. Seb’s tank is 4000 liters, over 1000 gallons, and this jumbo reef gets a thumbs up for moderate use of live rock, tons and tons of water flow provided by an armada of Tunze Stream pumps and some great looking fish and corals.

    In addition to some stunning large specimens of angelfish and surgeonfish which have been with Seb for years, this jumbo reef also wins our approval with fewer, larger and more spaced out coral colonies which have the potential to grow into stunning specimens with all of the room they has been afforded. Seb’s slickest move with this reef aquarium is the massive trench he excavated in his back yard to make use of geothermal temperature control, a project which is thoroughly documented as well.

    Original webpage of the geothermal control project in French, and a program-translated version in English.
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