10 Ways to tell your fish has ich

7 May 2007
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10) The Tang police start making harassing phone calls...
9) You know your fish have ich if your fish are playing "Connect the Dots."
8) Your tang has more whiteheads than you did at puberty.
7) Your fish swims up to the glass, blowing bubbles in morse code that spell out ich over and over again!
6) Your fish thinks that every rock, pipe, coral or other creature is its personal scratching post.
5) Your cleaner shrimp and cleaner goby form a union and go on strike...
4) An executive at Aquarium Pharmaceuticals sees your tank, and asks if he could use it to test their new product...
3) Your cleaner shrimp has filed for a restraining order...
2) People ask about your "Albino" flame angel...
1) Your fish has more spots than Monica Lewinski's dress! :lol:
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