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    We featured this 1,500-gallon aquarium nearly two years ago on a post featuring*Borbonius anthias (Odontanthias borbonius) shared by Aquatic Art, Inc. and this new video shows how nicely this tank has matured over the last four years. The corals have flourished and have outgrown the Denver-based tank showcasing a nice blend of texture and colors. This feeding video brings out all the critters in this tank that will surely have the Tang police out in full force despite the large size of the tank and healthy appearance of the fish. We enjoy being able to see how tanks mature over time and is a nice change of pace from frag-heavy tanks. We know it’s hard to be patient in this hobby but aquariums like this showcase the beauty of large colonies of corals. Granted, most of us can’t afford this much space but a few select species given the chance to grow and thrive will make most sized aquariums look gorgeous.

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