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    The Japanese Pygmy Angelfish,*Centropyge interrupta, is a seminal marine aquarium fish that is as stunning as it is rare. With several successes rearing marine fish under her belt, now Karen Brittain is aiming to raise this gorgeous fish in captivity but she needs our help to do it.

    In what is perhaps one of the most relevant and engaging crowdfunding project we’ve ever seen, Karen is reaching out to the public to help “Get a Girlfriend for Fabio”. Fabio is the large male Japanese pygmy angelfish already in Karen Brittain’s stable but he’s ready to get down with another one of his kind.

    All that is needed for this special project if $3500 to get a legally harvested*Centropyge interrupta from Japan to Hawaii. The IndieGogo project is already at the $1400 mark with 30 days to go and we are confident that rare marine fish lovers out there will throw down.

    Once funded the successful marine fish breeder will be on her way to breeding and probably successfully rearing the Japanese pygmy angelfish, which has been done before, as far back as 2002 by Frank Baensch of RCT Hawaii. The best part of the “GF for Fabio” project is that we will be able to follow along the progress and the lessons learned about breeding and rearing this species will be made public:

    “When we have reached our funding goal an online site will be set up where you can follow the progress of the project and learn about captive breeding of marine fishes. All of the information learned about the captive breeding of Centropyge interrupta will be shared on the site with photos and video. “

    For more information about how you can help Karen reach this crowdfunding goal check out the IndieGogo campaign.*We’re hoping that the funding goal will be blown out of the water in record time so that we see more efforts like this in the future, not to mention little clouds of the gloriously colored juveniles of Japanese Pygmy Angelfish.

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