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    Reef in the Sky is a wonderful SPS reef aquarium built by Zeovit forum user ‘V1…rotate’ which was just nominated by his low-nutrient-system-loving peers as the latest Dream Tank of the Quarter. Located in Hong Kong, Reef in the Sky uses the Zeovit method and top of the line reef aquarium equipment to achieve very clean water and very bright and beautiful corals in a crystal clear 145 gallon aquarium. The inside of the aquarium includes almost no rock with most of the occupied volume taken up by exquisite small polyp stony coral colonies which have a lot of room to grow still. As magnificent as Reef in the Sky‘s display is, the equipment, control center, and filter-sump area is equally impressive to look at.*


    As with most Dream Tank of the Quarter aquariums chosen from a pool of international Zeovit users, Reef in the Sky*uses all T5 lighting to excellent effect. ATI lighting, Zeovit reactor and additives, B-Ionic two part calcium and alkalinity, peristaltic dosing pump, Vertex Alpha Kone protein skimmer, GHL Profilux controller and Ecotech Marine Vortech pumps make for a nice long list of top of the line marine and reef aquarium equipment responsible for creating such a superb reef aquarium environment in Reef in the Sky. Of course, all the best cooking tools in the world won’t make you a good cook, nor will the best aquarium equipment guarantee great looking corals, so hats off to Zeovit forum user V1…rotate aka Andrew for his remarkable and now award-winning aquascape.

    Andrew’s attention to detail inside and out of the aquarium clearly warrants the DTOQ recognition. Check out the video of Reef in the Sky*down below and for more details on the whole shebang visit the Dream Tank of the Quarter over at Zeovit.


    Click here to view the embedded video.

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