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23 Jan 2008
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‘Miracle goldfish’ escapes predators, hides in aquarium for 7 years

A story circulating in Japan involves what has been described as a “miracle goldfish,” because the tiny fish was tossed into an aquarium display tank seven years ago, as food for larger fish, but ended up hiding in a filtration tank and went unnoticed until recently.
When the goldfish was finally discovered, during a recent cleaning of the 10-foot-by-16-foot filtration tank, it measured a whopping 10 inches and appeared to be healthy and robust, despite its pale coloration as a result of living mostly in the dark.
On Wednesday, Shima Marineland posted a brief video clip to Facebook, showing its newest exhibit star, swimming back-and-forth in its own tank.
“From the food to the hero!” the post begins.

The goldfish was among many intended to become fodder for the voracious arapaima, also called pirarucu. These carnivorous predators can measure 12 feet or longer, and goldfish typically don’t last long in their presence.
According to the English-language Rocket News, the tiny goldfish somehow managed to swim through a pipe measuring 1 centimeter in diameter.
That led to the filtration tank, and once safely inside the lonely goldfish fed on scraps of food in water that was pumped in from the main tank.
Because no fish are supposed to be in the filtration tank, aquarium staff never looked closely for living critters during the monthly cleaning of the unit.
But apparently, the goldfish, despite living in the dark, finally became too large to go unnoticed. It was discovered in late April, and has now regained some of its color.
States the conclusion of the Rocket News report: “And this adventurous fish’s luck hasn’t run out yet, either – it’s now the star attraction of a special exhibition at Shima Marineland, where visitors can learn all about goldfish, as well as the story of this one brave little creature.”
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11 Aug 2008
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Or extremely lucky....
Happy he got his own tank now.
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