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    MACNA is still eight months away yet already a new movie from Wallacea Films is stoking our need to see one of MACNA’s most exciting new speakers. As if Sabine Penisson’s visit to Bali Aquarium‘s coral farm and the announcement of Vincent Chalias MACNA talk wasn’t enough to get you hot for Bali cultured corals, a fresh movie of the Bali Aquarium’s coral farming enterprise is close up look at how lots of our corals are made.

    The professionally produced ‘Hidden Gardens’ flick introduces every aspect of the Bali coral farm that was essentially started and managed by Vincent for more than a decade. It’s impressive to see how many different tasks go into making corals for the aquarium trade, with Bali Aquarium employing a multitude of different people to handle actual propagation, site maintenance and upkeep, bagging, packing and shipping corals.

    All logistics and underwater labor aside, what makes the coral farm’s operation work is Vincent’s keen eye for suitable corals to farm and grow – species that hobbyists don’t just want but also clamor for. The clip posted online is a lo-fi preview and we don’t know how long it will be up, but some of it will be shared at MACNA 2013 as well as loads more info from Mr. Chalias about how corals are made in Bali.**[Hidden Gardens]


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