RSS ‘Electric Tail’ clownfish from Bali Aquarich could be a sign of things to come

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    The Electric Tail clownfish is an exciting specimen of black snowflake ocellaris from Bali Aquarich which is throwing out a wild and new color pattern. What makes the Electric Tail clownfish so notable is a patch of metallic blue-green coloration on the tail which has potential to be developed into a whole new line of designer clownfish.

    This is not the first time that wild or captive raised clownfish have displayed either a blue or green sheen, or some degree of brilliance to their scales, Of course there are wild blue stripe clownfish, wide bar clownfish, Amphiprion latezonatus are sometimes called blue-lip clownfish, and many other wild fish can show a varying amount of blueish shades to their scales.

    Designer clownfish strains, and particularly black snowflake ocellaris, have been exhibiting some level of weird blueish-ness where their white bars blend into the rest of the color pattern. But what makes the Electric Tail clownfish so special is that it exhibits this rare trait to a whole other level, and it’s in the very capable hands of Bali Aquarich.

    We’re not talking about some piddly little garage-breeding operation here, Bali Aquarich made its splash on the world stage with the exquisite Galaxy Clarki clownfish, and then by being the first to breed around a dozen species of marine angelfish. If anyone can take the one-of-a-kind Electric Tail clownfish and turn it into a bonafide designer clownfish strain, it’s Mr. Su and his staff at Bali Aquarich.

    After all, the Lightning Maroon Clownfish started with just a single founding fish, and we see no reason that Bali Aquarich won’t take this strain and develop that striking metallic blue-green coloration even further. Whether it’s them or some other breeder, this color pattern has been showing up more and more and we have no doubt that in a handful of years we’ll be seeing at least one clownfish strain with a dominance of this very special metallic blue-green coloration.


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    Dont we have enough blue damsels already?
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    lol, no David. :p

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