1. H

    Identify the Zoas

    Hi Guys, I got some Zoas with my reef tank and would like to add a name to the faces. Been looking at posters and identification pictures/videos but so far no luck. I have attached some pictures to have a look at or please let me know if there is a website with a complete list of Zoas.
  2. N

    [FS] USA zoas for sale

    Hi all. Selling USA Zoas. Red ppl eaters - R150 per head Bam bams - R250 per head Purple valentines day massacre - R350 per head Purple HEARTS - R200 per head Purple and green yuma - 250 per shroom.
  3. Papitto

    Unknown Zoa issue

    Hi, I have a few colonies of zoas in my tank. A few weeks ago, I added a few other frag plugs with blue steel, rasta and some kind of me on Orange zoas. I had dipped them in Seachem reef dip and found 2 nudis that came off. Well after quarantine them for 2 weeks I placed them in my dt. In the...
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