1. B

    [FS] Zoanthid Tiles for Sale

    Hey guys. I’m selling tiles with about 20 heads of zoas (split between Fire and Ice, Hawaiian sunsets, Green Bay packers and Coronas) for R600. For this week, every person who pays for a tile will go into a hat and I’ll choose 3 random names to get a free king Midas head on their tile. Will be...
  2. Selwyn123

    [FS] Zoanthids for Sale Cape Town

    Hi Reefers, have the following zoas for sale: 1. Blue Hornet Zoa, 1x 1 head frag @ R300 a head (Picture 1 photo of colony) 2. Pandora Zoa, 2x 2 head frags, 1x 3 head frag @ R200 a head (Picture 2 photo of colony) 3. Blue Berry Pie's, 3x 1 head frags @ R200 a head (Picture 3 photo of frags)
  3. Selwyn123

    [SOLD] Collector Zoanthids Cape Town

    Hello Reefers. I have a few collector zoa colonies that I am going to be fragging/fragged and have some heads that I am selling. Let me know what you are interested in and I can frag for you or send (at own cost/risk) what I have available: 1. Blue Hornets R300 a head 2. Red People Eaters...
  4. N

    [FS] USA zoas for sale

    Hi all. Selling USA Zoas. Red ppl eaters - R150 per head Bam bams - R250 per head Purple valentines day massacre - R350 per head Purple HEARTS - R200 per head Purple and green yuma - 250 per shroom.
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