1. Ferdinand

    [wtd] Zetlight zt 6800 remote

    Hi all I am looking for a zetlight qumaven zt6800 remote. This can be the 6600 6700 or 6800 remote alternative an a200 controller. Please let me know if you have 0716346209 fourways area gauteng.
  2. Ferdinand

    My first tank

    Hi all I got my first tank and is excited to get it started. I got myself a red sea reefer xl 425. Looks great with a zetlight qumaven zt6800. This wil be my setup with 30kg of sand and 40kg of rock. And a baulle magnus v7 skimmer. Still busy with the build andtaking my time to it proper. Any...
  3. itmekrokodil

    Looking for a zetlight UFO ZE8300 or Redsea Reefer 90 light.

    Hi there, Looking for either the following or equivalent. A single: Zetlight ZE8300, Redsea Reefer 90 Must include mount to attach to the tank please. Thanks!
  4. R

    PAR Readings on Zetlight Lancia 2 Marine

    Hi Guys, I am trying to find information on the Zetlight Lancia 2. I am considering using 4x 1.2m Units on my 2.4m tank (600mm deep). I am trying to find the par readings at different depths before I make the purchase. Other lights out there is just too expensive for me.
  5. byronsn

    Long overdue upgrade

    Hi all, So I have finally decided to start up my new (to me) reef tank after procrastinating for the past few years. I picked up a secondhand tank, sump and stand from @Nemo84 around January 2019. Dimensions of tank are 800*600*600. Corner overflow with 2x40mm holes drilled for plumbing...
  6. Roxx


  7. S


    *NO LIVESTOCK* The tank is currently shutdown, the pictures with fish and coral in are old. Selling my tank as I'm downsizing. Tank: Boyu, 900mm x 450mm x 450mm (1.5m tall with cabinet) 8mm glass and sump- R8000 Light: Zetlight zs 7200 (ran for 7 months) -R5500 Wave maker: R300 Boyu pond...
  8. E

    [FS] 4x54W Quad T 5 & Zetlight Strip

    I have a quad T5 unit 4 x 54w for sale as well as a Zetlight Strip - been on my tank since October, still new and in mint condition. Reason for selling I want to upgrade to the 7700 zetlight for my tank. Take both for R5000 Based in Sandton, Parkmore Whatsapp me 0767917339
  9. IVAN_97

    Will the zetlight zp4000 light up my tank??

    Hi I have a 1.5m x 600x 620 tank, I'm wondering if the zetlight zp4000 light will be enough to carry out sufficient light through my tank. Will mainly keep corals that won't need to much fancy lighting. Any inexpensive lighting ideas also welcome Thanks in advance
  10. W

    [FS] Red sea 130D

    Selling my red sea 130D includes tank& stand Zet1201 wifi + A200 controller Bubble magus qq skimmer Return pump Heater And a few other odds and end. Also have the original tanks parts Based In boksburg R5000
  11. JungleAquatics

    Zetlight Lancia 2

    Zetlight Lancia 2 BUY NOW from Jungle Aquatics
  12. Selwyn123

    [FS] 2x Zetlight 1201's Cape Town

    Have these two 1201's for sale, R1000 each. Great lighting, only a few months old and have the boxes for the units still. Both working 100%.
  13. M

    RSS Zetlight UFO LED is more than just a pretty light

    The Zetlight UFO LED is very interesting new aquarium LED light whose appeal goes far beyond skin deep. The UFO LED by Zetlight has a dramatic, flying-saucer shape with a flashy appearance that is accentuated by super glossy finishes, and complimentary mounting accessories. We first heard about...
  14. JJ Mes

    [FS] Zetlight 1201 and dymax led 120cm westrand

    Item name AND Location. Zetlight 1201 and dymax led 120cm westrand Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R1700 and R1000 Full description. Hi guys. My led is just not wide enough so i need to upgrade. The two lights are 2 months old. Still in perfect condition...

    [wtd] Zetlight

    Looking for a zetlight zt6600 qmaven
  16. Z

    [SOLD] Zetlight Zt6600 for sale -Durban South Suburb

    Item name AND Location. Zetlight Zt6600 for sale -Durban South Suburb Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R5500-00 Full description. Zetlight zt6600 For Sale As per Picture for collection only . R5500-00 Durban South Suburbs Photos of actual Items for sale.
  17. Bendor

    [SOLD] Combo: RSM 250 and Zetlight 6600

    Item name AND Location. Combo: RSM 250 and Zetlight 6600, Pietermarizburg Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R11000 to close the thread or the closest offer Full description. Red Sea Max 250 all in one system for marines in a modern, clean tank with matching stand. Comes with...
  18. J

    [FS] zetlight zt6600 and pair of black clowns

    Item name AND Location. zetlight zt6600 and pair of black clowns Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price r5400onco and 1500onco Full description. Hi Guys, i have a zetlight abt 6 months old for r5400neg clowns - r1500neg ( anemones do host them but have sold them...
  19. Bendor

    [FS] PMB: RSM 250, Zetlight 6600, Hailea chiller and other hardware PMB

    Item name AND Location. RSM 250, Zetlight 6600, Hailea chiller and other hardware. PMB Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Full description. RSM 250 Hailea chiller - R2500 @Shaunr464 Zetlight 6600 LED fitting - R4500 @r0ckf1re Marine Magic Doser, 2 pumps plus 2 extra heads - R600...
  20. E

    Zetlight led

    :cool: Can anyone give me some practical advice re zetlight led options? My tank is 1500 x 600 x 650.should i go for 2 x ZT 6600 or 2 x ZG 5200? Is the ZT 6600 old technology? .... Need some help please...:
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