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  1. JungleAquatics

    New Zetlight UFO 8600 LED

    Welcome to the New Zetlight UFO 8600 LED with build-in Wifi BUY IN-STORE OR ONLINE
  2. JungleAquatics

    NEW Zetlight Range and Spares

    :thumbup: Some new items in the Zetlight Range: - Zetlight ZA1201-L Marine SPS Cube Light with Controller - Zetlight ZT6800 Marine is the bigger brother of ZT6500 and ZT6600 - Zetlight ZT6300 and ZT6400 is designed for Tropical Planted Aquariums Spectrum - Zetlight UFO now available in Black...
  3. JungleAquatics

    Meet the NEW Zetlight UFO

    The Zetlight UFO LED is very interesting new aquarium LED light whose appeal goes far beyond skin deep. The UFO LED by Zetlight has a dramatic, flying-saucer shape with a flashy appearance that is accentuated by super glossy finishes, and complimentary mounting accessories. PRICING AVAILABLE IN...
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