1. Aqua Bugs

    [FS] For Sale - UV Sterilization Unit

    Hi All, UV Sterilization Unit for Sale Location: Midrand Collection or Courier at buyers cost Price: R 1000 Age: Pre Used - 1 Year Old 2 x 4ft Tubes - Replaced 3 months ago. The unit was run on a timer for 2 hours a day, Still, a lot of life left in these tubes.
  2. Aqua Bugs

    [FS] For Sale - Smart ATO Micro

    Hi All, Smart ATO Micro for Sale Location: Midrand Collection or Courier at buyers cost Price: R 1500 Age: Brand New all packaging still sealed. Relocating so clearing out all my Aquarium equipment.
  3. Awvince

    New tank blues

    Good day kind people of MASA, My tank has just been built, I water tested and it has a leveling problem. I have a split stand to hold the tank and when i tried to jack the one side of the tank to level it, it created a gap between the stand and the tank. Any advise on how to get this tank...
  4. S

    Backup or normal use Water Pumps

    Hey guys I am bringing in a bunch of pumps. These are self priming and use a diaphragm. Great for ATU etc. WIll probably go for around R150 each. I am bringing in to see how they fare as dosing pumps connected to a controller (one of my projects) Is anyone interested? I will have about 15...
  5. TheWaterboy

    Reverse Osmosis Special!!!

    we running a 2 week special on the waterboy reefmaster range of Reverse Osmosis Units. our reverse osmosis units have been unmatched in performance and quality for over 15 years. designed and assembled locally by ourselves, we take pride in every aspect of our machines. producing 0 t.d.s for...
  6. Uysster

    First water parameter tests after 2 years.

    Hi there everyone. So I have finally pinched my eyes close and acquired my first tests for checking some parameters after running my first and only reef setup for almost 2 years now. The main reason for this is I have been struggling since day one with unbearable amounts of algae and as I have...
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