1. S

    [wtd] Protein Skimmer

    Protein skimmer rated for a 700-1000L tank
  2. F

    New to marine building a budget tank advice welcome

    Hi all I am new this form and to marine tanks. I have had many tropical freshwater tanks in my life but have always wanted to set up a marine tank. I know marine is a whole different game then freshwater and have done a lot of research into it. My end goal is to have a tank with a few fish and...
  3. Dhasvir

    [wtd] Fully Equipped Marine tank (under R1999)

    Hi there, I'm currently looking for a marine tank preferably a Boyu tank or any brand as long as it contains a skimmer, tank, filtration, and lighting. if there are small amounts of damage to the equipment then I am more than willing to replace myself... just not to keen on tank scratches. I am...
  4. ScubaLover22

    [wtd] Moorish Idol

    Hi, I'm looking for a friend for my moorish idol... His eating everything I put in the tank and doing amazingly well. I would like to get him a friend as I have heard they do better in pairs. Please let me know if you know anyone selling or at a lfs Thanks
  5. Papitto

    [wtd] T5 Quad unit Jhb

    Hi MASA, Looking for for 54W T5 quad unit urgently.
  6. K

    [wtd] nano tank wanted

    hey guys looking for a small tank around +/- 10 gallons with equipment that's in great condition. preferably any innovative marine tanks but i am open to anything. i wont be back til Monday but il reply to any messages once i get back
  7. NewbiePta

    Best skimmer for R2500 - R3000?

    Thoughts? Can anyone suggest the best skimmer for that price range in GP? I have a total water volume of aprox 350liters after the displacement from the te LR, Sand and other goodies. So far the Bubble Magnus Curve 5 looks good at R2200 form Jungle aquatics. Anyone have experience with this...
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