1. Powder blue

    [FS] Juvenile purple tang for sale

    Juvenile purple tang for sale Happy and healthy Durban 2.5k WhatsApp 0837906165 or pm
  2. A

    [wtd] Looking for a Tomini tang.

    Hey. I’m looking for a Tomini tang. Anyone out there that knows of where I can get one.
  3. Papitto

    Urgent help needed Regal tang vs Acan

    Hi MASA, I have to acan colonies. On green and another red/blue/pink. They ha always inflated very well. I noticed that the red colony began shrinking in last week. I assumed it flow or too too light from orphek leds. So moved it around a bit, still in change. Just before the shrinking, It was...
  4. Rob99

    [wtd] Tangs, Yellows, Lipstick, Achilles, Regals, Purple,

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for Yellow Tangs ( 7-8), Regals (2-3),, Lipstick, Achilles, Purple, Scopas and other Surgeons you may want to sell. I'm based in Benoni and Regret I do not ship
  5. Rob99

    [wtd] Achilles Tang, Naso lipstick and Yellow Tangs

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for Achilles, Yellow and Naso Lipstick Tangs (other Tangs too if you have for sale) Gauteng Only
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