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  1. Odyssea quad 80w unit

    Odyssea quad 80w unit

    Have this Odyssea quad 80w unit for sale. In perfect working order, some paint chipped of here and there and clips holding the lights that became brittle and broke off. Also have a second one that comes included in the price that you can use for spares, it doesn’t have working power supplies...
  2. devesh.r

    [FS] Odyssea 54w T5

    Hi Guys I have a used Odyssea 54w unit for sale in the Randburg area. R650.00
  3. M

    [FS] T5 1.2m Quad unit.R 2000

    T5 1.2m Quad.. lights around 3 months old.. very good condition. Hanging kit included R2000 ONCO
  4. L

    T5 Colour Combination Recommendations

    Hi guys, I need to replace my current bulbs and was wondering what you guys would recommend with regards to brands, colour combinations and getting that deep blue look with lots of coral fluoresence. Currently I have the 2 daylight and 2 actinic globes that come standard with the Odysea quad...
  5. Papitto

    Do I have enough sun in my tank :)

    Hello MASA, I have been in the reef hobby for almost 2 years... and I still don't know much. So I was thinking about what my strongest burning point is about my tank... Burning point would mean, what I think about most often. My #1 is "Do I have enough light in my tank?" I have a 4' Oddysea...
  6. Papitto

    What can i get?

    Hi MASA, Possibly dumb question Friday for me... but I have 5k and want to improve my lighting if possible. Been using odyssea 2x54w with ATI bulbs 20cm above water line & I took a Beamswork 4500 72w(1w diodes) and changed most of the cool whites, to blue(450nm) and 4 green(510m I think), 2 red...
  7. Papitto

    [wtd] T5 Quad unit Jhb

    Hi MASA, Looking for for 54W T5 quad unit urgently.
  8. H

    [FS] T5s for sale

    Hi all I have 2x T5 lights for sale Both are 54W [1.2m] Collection/Cash only in Centurion Quad - R2500 Dual - R1000
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