1. H

    Regal tang fading

    Hi my name is Bennie, my regal tang's black line on the one side seems to be "fading". Its as if it has been scrubbed and the undertone colour is yellow. Please help
  2. F

    Large Regal Tang

    I have a large 20cm plus yellow bellied regal tang. Had for over a year and eating like a pig. Any offers?
  3. Raven

    White spots on new regal tang

    Hi guys, I've bought a regal tang this morning and introduced him to my main tank... NO - I did not put it in a separate system first - i know this should have being done.... Problem is - this little oke have some very little white spots. He is scratching against the rocks, and hiding away...
  4. herkie

    Sick Regal Tang

    My Regal Tang developed this eye problem a few days ago, what can I do about it?
  5. joe

    Regal Tang ?

    hey guys and gals, wanna really get a regal tang but just wanna know if theyre as bad as powder blues when it comes to white spot ?
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