1. mandrin

    yellow tang and regal tang addition in my aquarium

    hi guys I wanting to add. a regal and yellow tang in my reef. Wanting to add both in on the same day any suggestions. I currently have pair of maroon clowns , Fox. face.chroms and pastel.
  2. Papitto

    [FS] Regal tang & 6line wrasse - Jhb

    Item name AND Location. Regal tang & 6line wrasse - Jhb Name of Fish/Coral Regal tang 10-12cm 6lix wrasse 5cm How long have you had it? 14 months Is it eating and healthy? Yes Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R800 & R250 resp. Info Regal is very...
  3. Papitto

    Urgent help needed Regal tang vs Acan

    Hi MASA, I have to acan colonies. On green and another red/blue/pink. They ha always inflated very well. I noticed that the red colony began shrinking in last week. I assumed it flow or too too light from orphek leds. So moved it around a bit, still in change. Just before the shrinking, It was...
  4. zak

    [FS] Paracanthurus hepatus- Regal Tang

    Name of Fish/Coral- Regal Tang Size of Fish/Coral- 10-12cm How long have you had it?- Since he was the size of a R5 coin Is it eating and healthy?- Eats everything,greedy bugger.. Your Location- Houghton,Jhb Shipping or Collection or Both?- Collection Price- R500 Advertised Elsewhere? YES or...
  5. Sheldon12

    [wtd] Regal Tang and Banana Wrasse wanted

    Hi, anyone has a Regal Tang or Banana Wrasse for sale?
  6. Reef-O

    [wtd] REGAL TANG

    Looking for a Regal Tang..Preferably in CT.. Thx
  7. Rob99

    [wtd] Tangs, Yellows, Lipstick, Achilles, Regals, Purple,

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for Yellow Tangs ( 7-8), Regals (2-3),, Lipstick, Achilles, Purple, Scopas and other Surgeons you may want to sell. I'm based in Benoni and Regret I do not ship
  8. Darren24

    [wtd] Powder blue tang, Regal tang and Goldies

    hi all, I am looking for a nice size powder blue and regal tang if anyone is selling. Also after 5 female goldies. Thanks
  9. Rob99

    [wtd] Achilles Tang, Naso lipstick and Yellow Tangs

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for Achilles, Yellow and Naso Lipstick Tangs (other Tangs too if you have for sale) Gauteng Only
  10. Z

    [SOLD] Regal tang for sale

    Name of Fish/Coral:regal tang Size of Fish/Coral:12-15cm How long have you had it?:7years Is it eating and healthy?:yes. But looks like lateral line erosion starting Your Location:Cape Town Shipping or Collection or Both?:collection Price:R500 Info and Images: NOTE: Your thread will be...
  11. Aquetas

    [wtd] regal tang

    hi all. looking for a healthy regal tang in jhb area.
  12. Ayoob

    [FS]: 2 X Large Regal Tangs: Schaapkraal ( S.Suburbs )

    Fish for saleCommon Name: 2 X Large Regal Tangs Scientific Name: Paracanthurus hepatus Size of fish 17cm How long have you had the fish? 1 year Is the fish eating? yes Shipping or Collection only: collection Your location. Schaapkraal ( S.Suburbs ) Price: 900each All sales to be...
  13. Adee

    [SOLD] [FS]: Yellow-bellied Regal Tang: Weltevredenpark-JHB

    Fish for saleCommon Name: Yellow-bellied Regal Tang Scientific Name: - Size of fish about 12cm How long have you had the fish? 4 years Is the fish eating? yes, ON Pellets Shipping or Collection only: Collection only Your location. Weltevredenpark-JHB Price: R750 All sales to be...
  14. M

    RSS Aberrant regal tang is turning heads at Abyss Aquatic Warehouse, UK

    The regal blue tang is one of the perennial favorite fishes of the aquarium hobby, with many admirers loving the bold blue, black and yellow coloration which is so unlike any other reef fish. The appearance of the blue tang is so iconic that it is so much more striking and unusual to come across...
  15. 4

    Regal Tang

    Hi, I purchased a regal tang with white spot last week , please can someone guide me how to remove this and how long does it take for the white spot to disappear ? Tang is eating well.
  16. louwjvr

    [SOLD] Large Regal Tang 4 Sale

    Regal Tang for Sale. Reason for Selling: Dorry is not so friendly with my new Regal Angel and Flame Angel. Feeding: Excellent. I had this Regal since it was 4 cm. It (She / He) is now a healthy 12 cm + beauty. I am not sure exactly how long I had this fish... but it is more than 2 years...
  17. R

    [SOLD] [FS]: Regal Tang: Midrand-JHB

    Fish for saleCommon Name: Regal Tang Scientific Name: - Size of fish 10-11cm How long have you had the fish? 1.5 years Is the fish eating? Eats regularly, pellets and frozen food Shipping or Collection only: Collection - bring own large bucket Your location. Midrand-JHB Price: R500...
  18. Fishcrazy

    Urgent help needed Regal Tang with white marks

    Hi, I saw some white marks on my Regal Tang last night. I'm not sure what it is. Doesn't look like white round spots. Could it be Ich? None of the other fish have shown any signs of Ich, scratching, loss of appetite, or acting sick. He is eating well on Nori, frozen food or garlic flake...
  19. A

    [wtd] 39w / 3ft Light Unit + Regal Tang (dbn)

    As the topic says 39w / 3ft Light Unit + Regal Tang (SML) (dbn) Please PM me
  20. tekkengal

    Regal Tang behaviour

    Hi All, I just wanted to know if anyone else's Regal thinks it is a dog? Mine picks up coral frags, small rocks etc and throw them all over the tank. If anything is not glue down or is light enough, she will pick it up and redecorate my tank :P It is funny at times but frustrating at...
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