1. HPS

    Sump setup

    hey all i currently have a bio sump with just the refugium with (live rock, a deep sand bed and some Caulerpa) Other then that just a protein skimmer, filter sock and a return pump. Just wanted to know what else i need to do with my sump to better the filtration. btw i decided to go with the...
  2. Rob99

    [FS] Quarantine Tank with Sump Benoni + Lights

    Item name AND Location. Quarantine Tank with Sump Benoni Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R3500 or nearest offer Full description. Quarantine tank (900mmx500mmx500mm) on stand with sump, return pump and hang on skimmer (skimmer needs new pump). Naturally this can be used as...
  3. NewbiePta

    [wtd] Sump Wanted

    I am looking for a 1.2m sump at a very good price or that someone wants to give away. A 1.2m tank that I can turn into a sump will also work. Come on its XMAS! wink wink nudge nudge haha