sump setup

  1. 2balive

    How to design a sump for a 60cm x 60cm x 60cm cube?

    Hi Considering taking my 60cm cube (24 inches) live, but not happy with its simple glass box sump. I want to run a refugium and a skimmer, also want space for a media (going to run Orca Lab bio cubes) in the sump. Any designs out there that works under cubes this size? What small...
  2. J

    [FS] BOYU TL550 Complete

    Hey guys. I have this TL550 for sale. Everything is included Lots of coral Lots rock All the sand 3x clown fish Blue tuxedo sea urchin LED hood Tunze skimmer. I am looking at getting R3 500 for it. Pm me I am in Bothasig.
  3. reefboy

    Sump setup and design advice

    So I a finishing up my sump setup. To be honest I know NOTHING about this except for the hours spent reading. Now, one thing that I have realised, there are no single piece of advice which will make me decide on a final setup. Every single setup is unique and every person has their own view and...
  4. HPS

    Sump setup

    hey all i currently have a bio sump with just the refugium with (live rock, a deep sand bed and some Caulerpa) Other then that just a protein skimmer, filter sock and a return pump. Just wanted to know what else i need to do with my sump to better the filtration. btw i decided to go with the...
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