1. devesh.r

    [wtd] Yellow Bali polyps

    Hi guys Does any one have the above frag for sale, around JHB area. Thank you.
  2. Rob99

    [wtd] Radianthus,Goniopora & Softies- Benoni

    Im looking for radianthus, goniopora, and softies if anyone wants to sell. Also willing to take all livestock if you shutting down.
  3. P

    Built from the ashes!

    About 9 months ago my pride and joy was destroyed by a fire! Not sure how the fire started but I awoke one morning to smoke coming from my study area where my fish tank was located. My tank's wooden hood was on fire. Luckily I managed to put the fire out myself but not before most of the tank...
  4. Rob99

    [wtd] Flame Tip, Softies, LPS and Inverts - Benoni

    I'm looking for Flame Tip anemone, Softies, LPS, hermits, shrimps and Inverts if anyone has available
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