small polyp stony

  1. Francois

    [wtd] Some Zoas for SPS frags.

    Hey dudes here's a good deal...Willing to swop sps for some zoas....I'm not greedy will give big size sps frags for some zoas as my tank is getting crowded with all the sps....
  2. caddy

    [wtd] SPS FRAGS

    Hi There I am looking for some colorful sps frags to buy aroundthe greater durban area. Thanks
  3. Mogamatseraajregal

    [wtd] sps frags

    looking for 1 green and purple vasing monti frags (have red allready) can be very small also looking for any other sps frags orange,light blue,purple,yellow sticks more pastel colours than base if possible
  4. C10

    Sps frag id

    Could someone please id this sps. Got a little frag from it but I have no idea what it is.
  5. Secondwave

    [SOLD] SPS full system

    Morning all i have posted some pictures of a beautiful SPS full system that secondwave will be stripping down and selling all corals fish hardware etc etc just checking if there is any interest in purchasing anything from this system can watsapp us on 071 463 3577 if looking for something in...
  6. TaahirS

    [SOLD] Mainly sps frags for sale

    Cape Town Will ship if more than 10 frags Sizes vary, will frag as dibs is placed. Been in the tank for 8 years, massive healthy colonies. Green polyped acro. Frags from 7cm to mini colonies. R50-1000 Purple acro. 8-10 cm frags. R200 Pink stylo. R100 or R1000. One head or a large...
  7. Lollos

    ID SPS Coral Please

    Hi Guys, So I have a Nano tank running a couple of months now and have a beautiful elegance coral thriving. Having success with the elegance coral I decided to try my hand at SPS coral. Dealing with all the excitement I completely forgot the common name of the SPS coral that I...
  8. Ghaydeen

    [FS]: SPS Colony for sale for sale: Jhb, West Rand

    Single Coral for saleCommon Name: SPS Colony for sale Scientific Name: hydnophorah Size of coral +- 30cm How long have you had the coral? 9 months Shipping or Collection only: collection only Your location. Jhb, West Rand Price: 700 All sales to be conducted on the thread.I agree...
  9. Mogamatseraajregal

    ode to my wife 2.0 (floating aquascape SPS ATS 600 cube reef)

    Good day all 600 cube with stand sump and ro top up tank Narc 7 skimmer overskimming 5 times volume Santa monica algae turf scrubber 4 led upflow Turning water 20 times an hour through sump Kessil led too weak for tank size So reef only occupies 300 cube in tank
  10. Apollo

    SPS Tips receding/bleaching ?

    I've had various small SPS frags in my Nano since Feb this year. Over the past 3 weeks I have noticed one particular Acro frag which looks as though the tips are receding/bleaching ( See pic on left hand side ). Sorry, the photos are poor. Taken from my cellphone. The particular frag still...
  11. Blue Reefer

    Blue Treasure Sps Sea Salt

    Seeing Blue Treasure salt at one of my LFS’s in May of this year, I decided I would first go home and get on the net and research as much I could about this new brand of salt that I have not yet heard of. Well the info I found really looked promising, parameters stated on their packaging all...
  12. 4age

    sps colonies and other corals for sale

    hi guys selling some colonies as I have to take tank down large pink polyp stylopora R 450 purple rim Monti R350 red mushroom rock R350 red encrusting monti R150 large blue clove polyp rock with zoas R300 or all for R1400. Will post pics now
  13. 2

    Urgent help needed SPS - safe rate to raise Alk?

    Hi Guys, 1st up i'm an sps noob. Local lfs had some acro arrived which is rare as hens teeth to find here in Durban. Bought 2 pieces & before i started dripping them i tested what the ALK was in the bag water. Turns out its 5 dkh...confirmed this with both salifert & hanna test kits...
  14. Buzzer

    [wtd] Sps frags wanted in Cape Town

    :peroni:Hey guys im looking at trying my hand at some sps. Have been keeping softies and lps for some time now. Anybody in the Cape Town area please pm me.
  15. JungleAquatics

    Blue Treasure SPS Salt now available in store and online from Jungle Aquatics

    Truly the most affordable salt in South Africa is now available from Jungle Aquatics :m33: :m33: :m33: [emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106] :m41: ONLY R699 PER 20KG BUCKET !! MORE INFO AND ORDERING FROM JUNGLE AQUATICS ONLINE CLICK HERE
  16. M

    RSS How to grow the most colorul SPS corals

    During the course of history men have always searched for the unobtainable. The knights of King Arthur searched for the Holy Grail, Captain Ahab obsessed about a white whale, in similar fashion we hobbyists have been searching for how to optimize the coloration in our sps corals and especially...
  17. JS

    [SOLD] SpS Tank Shutdown

    Hi guys. Im shutting down and have some lovely SPS pieces available. Shipping to all airports can be arranged. Stuff available. Ice cap - @4age Yellow stag - @4age Valida Wolverine Acro - @4age Bird of paradise Secale - @greatwyt Yellow mille Blue mille - @4age Red mille -...
  18. Ayoob

    [FS]: SPS to Swop for Brain Coral: Schaapkraal (S.Suburbs)

    All other livestockCommon Name: SPS to Swop for Brain Coral Scientific Name: Sps Size various How long have you had it? 8 months Shipping or Collection only: collection Your location. Schaapkraal (S.Suburbs) Price: Swop All sales to be conducted on the thread.I agree Photo's...
  19. wannibi

    Algae on my sps

    I bought a frag form my lfs a while ago. The coral seem to be doing great, but on a damaged part of the coral, algae started growing. Can anyone suggest a remedy to get rid of the algae? I am a novice, without any fragging experience or tools.
  20. F

    Why is SPS Corals the hardest to keep?

    I am new here here so please be patient with me. After a lot of reading it seems that SPS corals are the most diffucult to keep. Why? Please explain.
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