1. IM Ghost skimmer 7205

    IM Ghost skimmer 7205

    Have an Innovative Marine Ghost skimmer 7205 for sale in perfect condition. Reason for selling it is that my IM tank will be a freshwater planted tank so don’t have a need for it. R1500. Collection near Cresta, but will ship your expense and risk.
  2. B

    Looking for a Skimmer rated around 1500L

    Hey guys, I’m looking for something rated to around 1500L protein skimmer. Please post what you have or send me a direct WhatsApp on 0823196553.
  3. Reef Octopus skimmer with DC pump

    Reef Octopus skimmer with DC pump

    Have a Super Reef Octopus XP-2000 cone skimmer with Coral Box DC pump and Pinwheel impellor. Skims really well (pic of the type of skimmate it makes attached), reason for selling is that I got a bigger skimmer. The DC pump is about 1 year old and it has a float switch included that plugs into...
  4. Reef Octopus Classic 200-INT skimmer

    Reef Octopus Classic 200-INT skimmer

    Have this Reef Octopus Classic 200-INT skimmer for sale in very good condition. Pump is the Aquatrance 3000. Skimmer is rated for up to a 1000 liters and just under 2 years old. Collection preferred, but will ship at your risk and expense.
  5. Z

    [wtd] skimmer

    looking for a skimmer for a 4ft tank . Pm with what you have and price
  6. kierantf97

    Skimmer advice

    Hi all I have recently purchased a reef octopus ts1 skimmer. It was the body only and needs a pump. I am a bit such as to what pump I can add at a reasonable price. Iv been told to have a look at the bubble magus sp1000 which is used in a curve 5 skimmer rated to 500L where as the TS1 is rated...
  7. kierantf97

    [wtd] Tunze nano skimmers

    Hi all, are there any tunze 9004 or 9001 skimmers available?
  8. BigMoe

    RSM 130

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a skimmer for my RSM 130, I'm based in Durban
  9. W

    [FS] Red sea 130D

    Selling my red sea 130D includes tank& stand Zet1201 wifi + A200 controller Bubble magus qq skimmer Return pump Heater And a few other odds and end. Also have the original tanks parts Based In boksburg R5000
  10. reefboy

    Sump setup and design advice

    So I a finishing up my sump setup. To be honest I know NOTHING about this except for the hours spent reading. Now, one thing that I have realised, there are no single piece of advice which will make me decide on a final setup. Every single setup is unique and every person has their own view and...
  11. JungleAquatics

    Bubble Magus Z Series Skimmers

    Bubble Magus Z Series Skimmers BUY IN STORE OR ONLINE
  12. T

    [FS] Hardware clean out.

    Hi all I'm selling a few things after I have shut my system down. NW200 reef octopus skimmer still being used and works like a beast, suitable for systems up to 650L looking for R1500. 59w T-5 quad lights with brand new globes R1300. GP02 wave maker R1350 only a few months old.
  13. devesh.r

    Reef Octopus NW150 Help

    Hi guys. I have the above skimmer running in my tank. Tank is running for about 6 weeks now. For some reason I can't get it to skim properly. What should the correct water depth be?
  14. J

    [FS] Tunze 9410 Skimmer for sale

    Tunze 9410 Skimmer for sale. Rated for 1000l Very good condition. Reason for sale: Overkill for my Boyu TL550. Price : R2500
  15. waynee

    [FS] Aqua medic skimmer kzn

    Item name AND Location. Aqua medic skimmer kzn Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Willing to ship Price Full description. I have this aqua medic skimmer body only no pump to swop for other equipment or make a offer Photos of actual Items for sale.
  16. Forbes

    [wtd] Skimmer / Pumps

    Hi Guys, I am urgently looking for a pump for my JNS skimmer, and for the other skimmer in the photo, not sure of the make. I have modified it so the original does not look exactly like this, If someone has an in sump RO OPT 2000 (Preferably a Super Space Saver)or Bubble Magus Curve 7, I would...
  17. reefer101

    [wtd] external hob nano skimmer

    Wanted cheap external nano hob skimmer
  18. M

    RSS AquaBee Cove Protein Skimmers And Reactors Are Built Like Brickhouses

    AquaBee Cove protein skimmers and media reactors are a new line of aquarium devices which are powered by killer water pumps. The new AquaBee Cove acrylic products is a new partnership between a bonafide German pump manufacturer, and Cove, an acrylic fabricator from China which has been making...
  19. kalkwasser

    Skimmer upgrade.

    Hi guys. I am going to be upgrading my skimmer at the end of the month. I am looking at the Reef Octopus Regal 250 ext. I just wanna know from anyone who may be using this skimmer if they happy with it. I like what I see but just would like to hear your opinions.
  20. tharu07

    Skimmer choice

    Hi Guys I understand people are brand loyal when it comes to protein skimmers, but I would like advice that will assist me in deciding between the Reef Octopus NW 110 or the Bubble Magus Curve 5. Thanks
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