1. A

    [wtd] Looking for a Tomini tang.

    Hey. I’m looking for a Tomini tang. Anyone out there that knows of where I can get one.
  2. Selwyn123

    [FS] Zoanthids for Sale Cape Town

    Hi Reefers, have the following zoas for sale: 1. Blue Hornet Zoa, 1x 1 head frag @ R300 a head (Picture 1 photo of colony) 2. Pandora Zoa, 2x 2 head frags, 1x 3 head frag @ R200 a head (Picture 2 photo of colony) 3. Blue Berry Pie's, 3x 1 head frags @ R200 a head (Picture 3 photo of frags)
  3. Kevesen


    ALL IN ONE PLUG AND PLAY SYSTEM FOR SALE LESS THAN A YEAR OLD Tank : Red sea max nano 75liter tank (45cmx45cmx45cm) Light : AI Prime HD( Wifi controlled) Return pump : 950LPH red sea pump Skimmer : Standard max nano skimmer ATO: Built in ATO includes cabinet R12 000
  4. Selwyn123

    [SOLD] Collector Zoanthids Cape Town

    Hello Reefers. I have a few collector zoa colonies that I am going to be fragging/fragged and have some heads that I am selling. Let me know what you are interested in and I can frag for you or send (at own cost/risk) what I have available: 1. Blue Hornets R300 a head 2. Red People Eaters...
  5. kierantf97

    [FS] Red sea max 250 (Durban)

    Hi all, i am putting my RSM250 up for sale as i am down sizing to a nano cube. Tank has all original equipment only difference is that i have upgraded the lighting to an improved living LED's. Original t5's can also still be used. All is in working condition. Asking R7000
  6. JungleAquatics

    Innovative Marine SALE

    Buy any Innovative Marine SR Series (SR60 - 225L, SR80 - 300L or SR120 - 450L) from Jungle Aquatics and get the following absolutely FREE* IM Ghost Skimmer, SICCE 300W HEATER (SR120 comes with 2x), Caribsea South Seas Base Rock 18.1KG, Caribsea Special Grade Seafloor Aragonite 18.1kg (SR120...
  7. N

    [SOLD] Fish Tank + Sump (65 x 65 x 50cm)

    Name of Item/s: Fish Tank Your Location: Greenstone Hill, Johannesburg Shipping or Collection or Both?: Collection Only Price: R3500 Tank + Stand + Side Covers + Plumbing + sump + rock: R3500 Tank: 65 x 65 x 50 (h) Stand: 85cm high Ill throw in all the extras thats shown in the images (in...
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