1. BigMoe

    RSM 130

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a skimmer for my RSM 130, I'm based in Durban
  2. kierantf97

    [FS] Red sea max 250 (Durban)

    Hi all, i am putting my RSM250 up for sale as i am down sizing to a nano cube. Tank has all original equipment only difference is that i have upgraded the lighting to an improved living LED's. Original t5's can also still be used. All is in working condition. Asking R7000
  3. wito-zn

    Wito's RSM 650

    So I took the plunge and this time decided it is time to spoil myself, so as is said go big or go home and I got myself the RSM 650. Tank has only been running now for4 days but took a week to fill.
  4. Bendor

    [SOLD] Combo: RSM 250 and Zetlight 6600

    Item name AND Location. Combo: RSM 250 and Zetlight 6600, Pietermarizburg Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R11000 to close the thread or the closest offer Full description. Red Sea Max 250 all in one system for marines in a modern, clean tank with matching stand. Comes with...
  5. Bendor

    [FS] PMB: RSM 250, Zetlight 6600, Hailea chiller and other hardware PMB

    Item name AND Location. RSM 250, Zetlight 6600, Hailea chiller and other hardware. PMB Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Full description. RSM 250 Hailea chiller - R2500 @Shaunr464 Zetlight 6600 LED fitting - R4500 @r0ckf1re Marine Magic Doser, 2 pumps plus 2 extra heads - R600...
  6. LouiseS

    [wtd] RSM250 or bigger

    Okay, I miss my fish too much and and it is high time I started up again....any tanks out there??:whistling::whistling:
  7. 2

    2una's Rsm 650 mixed reef

    Upgraded from my Rsm250 to this 650. The tank was Jungles demo tank before.Been online just over a month now. Did this short vid for someone wanting to have look & thought i may as well make a thread & share here also. Still kinda work in progress patiently trying to get some sps to give some...
  8. mwjust69

    [FS] Closing down Sale for RSM250

    Name of Item/s: Red Sea Max 250 with some equipment. Your Location: Alberton, Johannesburg Shipping or Collection or Both?: Collection only Price: R12 000 Info and Images: I have just closed down my RSM250 as I have upgraded to a larger tank, so no livestock or LR available. I have had an...
  9. 2

    [wtd] RSM 650

    Currently looking at one in JHB - If anyone in Durban has one or knows someone that does that is wanting to bail out of theirs speak up(soon)
  10. floh

    Floh's RSM 250

    Hi All, Some of you might remember me from back in the day (worked with Andrew from Eco Aquatics), been in the hobby for quite a bit. Recently moved to JHB, which meant a small break from Tanks, but now in full swing again... :P I've had many tanks in all shapes and sizes and throughout my...
  11. 2

    Rsm 250 - sumpless chaeto experiment

    The ARID perked my interest in trying this. RSS - Pax Bellum ARID Filter review: the most ?intense? way to grow Chaetomorpha It seems to be just light & centralised flow with some people also feeding off a Ca reactor. To get the chaeto to also bring down Po4 they recommend dosing to hold the...
  12. M

    RSS Red Sea MAX E Series will use Hydra 26 HD LED lighting

    The Red Sea MAX E series all in one aquarium with open top design and LED lighting was first revealed at InterZoo in Germany in May of 2014. The new tanks are finally fully fleshed out in two sizes, the Red Sea MAX E170 and E260, both of which will now be bundled with the groundbreaking Hydra 26...
  13. Secondwave

    [SOLD] Rsm 130

    Red Sea Max 130d for sale complete with all standard hardware excellent condition no scratches yours for only R5000
  14. Niresh

    [wtd] Help RSM130D Cooling Fan

    Hi Guys, I' new to the forum and fish keeping. I need help locating a Cooling fan for my tank. does anyone know where I can get one ASAP. Thanks for the help in advance.
  15. JungleAquatics

    Store Display Red Sea Max S-650 Update September 2015

    Our in store Red Sea Max S-650 Display Reewf Aquarium, 1 Year Old.                           More...
  16. F

    Urgent help needed RSM 250 Max skimmer pump broken

    Please help. My RSM 250 Max's skimmer pump decided ot was time to give in. I urgently need your assistance here as to where can I get a new one as I do not know how long my livestock will survive without a skimmer.
  17. 2

    Rsm 250 & AquaBeauty 140W LED

    Hi team, It seems this LED has the right size specs for fitting into the T5 compartment in the hood possibly without any modding.Size wise it looks like it would be as close to perfect as i have found so far. 760x160x40......160mm is the "inside of the seal" width of the perspex T5 shield on the...
  18. JungleAquatics

    Red Sea MAX C-Series

    The complete close top coral reef fully featured REEF-SPEC systems   Red Seaâ??s all-new MAX C-Series coral reef systems combine modern elegant design with fully featured REEF-SPEC® lighting, filtration and circulation systems. The REEF-SPEC® design supports the needs of the most delicate...
  19. Secondwave

    [SOLD] [FS]: RSM 130: Boksburg

    Hardware for saleThread title: RSM 130 Location: Boksburg Shipping or Collection only: Collection All sales to be conducted on the thread.I agree Photo's and description/list of items for sale: Red Sea Max tank for sale complete with all standard hardware lights,two return...
  20. erratiC

    RSM250 Microbubbles?

    Hey guys, I've removed the foam sponge that initally came with the tank that was between the skimmer compartment and the compartment to the left of it (looking from the front of the tank) but now I've got a shitload of microbubbles returning into my tank through the far left compartment via...
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