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  1. R

    1065L Litre New Setup

    Hi Guys, I have recently purchased a 2.4x0.6x0.6 tank. With the sump gives me around 1065 Litres (before factoring in displacement of rock , sand etc. ) What would be the rule of thumb on displacement of water and the amount of rock to be used? Also looking for a protein skimmer that can do...
  2. S

    [FS] Reef Tank for Sale - Perfect Starter

    Includes: Live Rock Gravel Sea salt Skimmer Powerheads Hydrometer Filter floss Fish Net Sump filtration includes live (volcanic rock), refugim gravel and return pump Tank dimensions Tank dimensions - 1,200(L) x 0,450mm(W) x 0,500(H) Sump dimensions - 1,00(L) x 0,430mm(W) x 0,400(H) Includes...
  3. P

    Built from the ashes!

    About 9 months ago my pride and joy was destroyed by a fire! Not sure how the fire started but I awoke one morning to smoke coming from my study area where my fish tank was located. My tank's wooden hood was on fire. Luckily I managed to put the fire out myself but not before most of the tank...
  4. M

    RSS Aquaholic Aquaculture offers REEFreshments Live Feeds

    Aquaholic Aquaculture is a relatively new live feed aquaculture facility in Florida, dedicated to providing aquarists with 100% aquacultured nutrition for your aquarium. Their REEFreshment lineup of live feeds include live phytoplankton, blackworms and rotifers. Aquaholic Aquaculture was founded...
  5. M

    RSS Reef-A-Palooza New York’s Guide to Ultimate Things to Do in New York City (besides...

    Reef-A-Palooza New York takes over the Meadowlands Exposition Center this month June 25 & 26. Now an annual event that originated in Southern California over 13 years ago and in Tri State Area for its second year Reef-A-Palooza can best be described as an indoor marketplace where...
  6. Paul B

    "Mulm" in a reef tank

    I think one of the most important, and least understood or mentioned things in a reef tank is "mulm". That stuff that grows in the dark portions of a tank if it is set up long enough. "Mulm" is a combination of algae, sponges, bacteria, pods, worms, detritus, poop and any thing else that can...
  7. Y

    My first reef tank

    I posted in the introduction forum about the tank im going to buy. I have it and its now been set up. 3ft tank with 2ft sump. Sump has a dsb and live rock plus other bio material and skimmer. Lighting is 2 x t5s one blue and one white Livestock. Snowflake eel unfortunately lost...
  8. M

    RSS Help restore coral reefs in Florida, Volunteer opportunity at the Mote lab

    Would you like to learn more about coral reef restoration? The Mote lab in Key West Florida is looking for Volunteers from in June and July to assist Scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory. The collaborative project between Mote, Florida State Parks, the National Oceanic Atmospheric...
  9. MerlinT

    [wtd] Reef Octopus Overflow Box

    Hi Guys Anyone have a Reef Octopus Overflow Box for sale. Something similar will also be fine. Thanks M
  10. M

    RSS RevoReef 3DM Rock is a new mineral based rock from Quian Hu

    RevoReef 3DM Rock is an interesting new aquascaping material recently announced by Quian Hu at InterZoo 2016. UNlike so many man-made rocks used in reef aquarium in recent years, RevoReef 3DM Rock is neither purple, nor it it made out of dense concrete or ceramic. Rather, Quian Hu describes its...
  11. aslam

    [SOLD] Reef Inmate t5 Unit. Pmb

    Item name AND Location. Reef Inmate t5 Unit. Pmb Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R2500 Full description. Unit's been in storage, excellent condition as seen in pics. Its 6 x 54 watt with individual reflectors. Photos of actual Items for sale.
  12. R

    [wtd] reeftek 2000 pump needed

    looking for reeftek 2000 skimmer pump urgently my pump just gav
  13. ScubaLover22

    ScubaLover's - 5 Sided 4500L

    Hi All, Starting with a new build soon. Well hopefully soon. Looking to do the tank as a DIY project. The tank will be a divider between the lounge and the passage. Looking at carrying 3400 litres excluding the sump. The house is marked out with masking tape on the floors and very excited to...
  14. M

    RSS Ultra Reef Typhoon is the first skimmer designed for the controllable Sicce PSK pump

    Ultra Reef had a very big InterZoo, introducing their finely machined aquarium products to a wider audience than ever before. They already turned heads with their Nano Calcium Reactor and easily serviced media filter with possible Chaetomorpha reactor modification kit. The hits keep on rolling...
  15. M

    RSS The Incredible Display of Rare Reef Fish by De Jong Marinelife

    When it comes to sourcing and handling rare marine fish, De Jong Marinelife is definitely one of the world leaders for exotic reef animals from all over the world. This normally wholesale-only operation is not open to the public but every two years they show off what they can do by setting up a...
  16. M

    RSS Core7 Base Elements and Reef Supplements from Triton

    Core7 Base Elements and Reef Supplements are two new lines of reef aquarium additives which take potency to a whole new level. Although Triton Elements have only been out on the market for a few years and they are about on par with the concentration of most major additive line, the Core7...
  17. Y

    I want to be a Reefer

    Good day I have kept some freshwater fish a few years back and always had an eye on a reef setup. I do know that freshwater and marine is worlds apart I have come across a great deal for a beginner tank, and would like some advice please the tank is as follows: Harware - 1m long holding 250...
  18. M

    RSS Ultra Reef Macroalgae and Media Reactors will be quick to service

    Ultra Reef has an innovative new design for a media reactor with an optional conversion kit to transform into a macroalgae filter/reactor. The design and craftsmanship of Ultra Reef aquarium equiment is uniquely Italian and it shows in all of their products from the protein skimmers and calcium...
  19. viper357

    Reefkeeping OCD

    Came across this pic on Facebook and was impressed by the cleanliness and neatness of the setup under the tank. Who else keeps their systems this neat? Post a pic, let's see your smart sumps. :)
  20. Marine007

    [SOLD] Reef Angel complete setup Bargain - Durbanville (Cape Town)

    Item name AND Location. Reef Angel complete setup Bargain - Durbanville (Cape Town) Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price 5000 Full description. Reef Angel Plus Controller (Analog dimming) Wifi-module Bluetooth module (for programming) Relay box (8 plugs to control)...
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