1. itmekrokodil

    Looking for a zetlight UFO ZE8300 or Redsea Reefer 90 light.

    Hi there, Looking for either the following or equivalent. A single: Zetlight ZE8300, Redsea Reefer 90 Must include mount to attach to the tank please. Thanks!
  2. T

    [FS] 250l Red Sea tank for sale

    Hi all, I'm selling our beloved 250l Red Sea tank. Really well maintained!! About 7 bubble anemones that are thriving and love to multiply. Wonderful tube anemone. 3 clown fish. The whole kit included: 2x coolers Refractometer Spare parts Etc R14 000
  3. Trevs

    Red Sea Reef Wave

    This new Gyre looks awesome! Can't wait to see it here!
  4. JungleAquatics

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 22kg Sale

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 22kg Sale
  5. JungleAquatics

    NEW! Red Sea Reefers XL 425 and 525

    Red Sea’s popular REEFER™ aquariums are now available in two additional sizes of 425 & 525 litres with both models sporting a wider ”XL" configuration enabling more dramatic aquascaping. The new XL models are 7.5cm/3" wider than the regular 120cm/48" and 150cm/60" REEFER™ systems and have...
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