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  1. JungleAquatics

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 22kg Sale

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 22kg Sale
  2. kierantf97

    [FS] Red sea max 250 (Durban)

    Hi all, i am putting my RSM250 up for sale as i am down sizing to a nano cube. Tank has all original equipment only difference is that i have upgraded the lighting to an improved living LED's. Original t5's can also still be used. All is in working condition. Asking R7000
  3. JungleAquatics

    NEW! Red Sea Reefers XL 425 and 525

    Red Sea’s popular REEFER™ aquariums are now available in two additional sizes of 425 & 525 litres with both models sporting a wider ”XL" configuration enabling more dramatic aquascaping. The new XL models are 7.5cm/3" wider than the regular 120cm/48" and 150cm/60" REEFER™ systems and have...