red sea tank for sale

  1. Dassie

    [SOLD] Red Sea Peninsula for sale

    Red Sea Peninsula 500 tank in black. Includes live rock, GSP’s, Pulsing Xenia’s, Mushrooms and some others. Includes a cleaner shrimp, four blue chromis, one orange anthia, one six line wrasse, two peppermint shrimps, one bristle tooth tang, one bangai cardinal and one fox face. Serious buyers...
  2. CornellOpperman

    [FS] Red Sea Reefer 425XL

    Geared with the best tech and livestock. System 1 year old. Black themed tank with epoxy cabinet. Asking price R30k, setup worth over R80k Red Sea 425 xl tank Hailea chiller Curve 7 skimmer 2x Gyre flow wavemakers Maxspect Aquaforest reactor 110 UV sterilizer Zetlight 7200 wifi Zetlight 1201...
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