1. leslie hempel

    [wtd] Aqua medic carx 5000

    Anyone got one of these laying around? Doesn't have to be complete I have quite a few of the components
  2. TheWaterboy

    UV- ALGAE X 3 in 1 REACTOR back in stock!!!

    Reactor comes fully charged with media and can be purchased with or without Feed Pump. Relaunch Special Price For TheWaterboy UV Algae-X 3 in 1 carbon, phosphate, uv Reactor version 2.0 is R 1295.00 plus vat (excl pump) with Pump R 1595.00 plus vat nano unit with pump is R 1150.00 plus vat...
  3. leslie hempel

    [FS] Skimz zeo reactor 100mm

    Name of Item/s: skimz zeo reactor Your Location: east london Shipping or Collection or Both?: Price:r R1000 Info and Images: I will throw in a pump with the deal to drive the reactor. NOTE: Your thread will be deleted if you do not upload any photo's of actual items being sold.
  4. Rob99

    [wtd] Calcium Reactor

    Im looking for a calcium reactor with controller, ph probe, CO2 cylinder, solenoid and all the bells and whistles for a 1600l system. Must be as good as new