1. kierantf97

    Skimmer advice

    Hi all I have recently purchased a reef octopus ts1 skimmer. It was the body only and needs a pump. I am a bit such as to what pump I can add at a reasonable price. Iv been told to have a look at the bubble magus sp1000 which is used in a curve 5 skimmer rated to 500L where as the TS1 is rated...
  2. S

    Backup or normal use Water Pumps

    Hey guys I am bringing in a bunch of pumps. These are self priming and use a diaphragm. Great for ATU etc. WIll probably go for around R150 each. I am bringing in to see how they fare as dosing pumps connected to a controller (one of my projects) Is anyone interested? I will have about 15...
  3. leslie hempel

    [wtd] Large closed loop pump

    Anyone got a big pump they want to sell?
  4. leslie hempel

    [wtd] Aqua medic carx 5000

    Anyone got one of these laying around? Doesn't have to be complete I have quite a few of the components
  5. leslie hempel

    [FS] Aqua medic Ocean runner 3500 pumps

    Name of Item/s: OR3500 pumps Your Location: east london Shipping or Collection or Both?: Price: R550ea Info and Images: NOTE: Your thread will be deleted if you do not upload any photo's of actual items being sold.
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