protein skimmer

  1. Z

    [wtd] skimmer

    looking for a skimmer for a 4ft tank . Pm with what you have and price
  2. Shawn1937

    [wtd] Protein Skimmer

    Looking for a Skimmer thats good for a 500L tank. JHB or PTA and serounding areas. Will consider other areas if shipping is available. PM or whatsapp 0788818403
  3. S

    [FS] Protein skimmer for sale!

    Got a magnus curve 5 protein skimmer for sale. Located in Cape Town. R2000 or nearest cash offer. First come first serve. Never really on here so please if you would like to ask a question or are interested. Please contact me on whatsapp 083 985 8750
  4. R

    Closed thread

    Looking for this nano skimmer. New or 2nd hand. Limited space in tank. Skimmer cup to be smaller than 7cm.
  5. S


    *NO LIVESTOCK* The tank is currently shutdown, the pictures with fish and coral in are old. Selling my tank as I'm downsizing. Tank: Boyu, 900mm x 450mm x 450mm (1.5m tall with cabinet) 8mm glass and sump- R8000 Light: Zetlight zs 7200 (ran for 7 months) -R5500 Wave maker: R300 Boyu pond...
  6. kierantf97

    [wtd] Tunze nano skimmers

    Hi all, are there any tunze 9004 or 9001 skimmers available?
  7. BigMoe

    RSM 130

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a skimmer for my RSM 130, I'm based in Durban
  8. waynee

    [FS] Aqua medic skimmer kzn

    Item name AND Location. Aqua medic skimmer kzn Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Willing to ship Price Full description. I have this aqua medic skimmer body only no pump to swop for other equipment or make a offer Photos of actual Items for sale.
  9. Forbes

    [wtd] Skimmer / Pumps

    Hi Guys, I am urgently looking for a pump for my JNS skimmer, and for the other skimmer in the photo, not sure of the make. I have modified it so the original does not look exactly like this, If someone has an in sump RO OPT 2000 (Preferably a Super Space Saver)or Bubble Magus Curve 7, I would...
  10. reefer101

    [wtd] external hob nano skimmer

    Wanted cheap external nano hob skimmer
  11. M

    RSS AquaBee Cove Protein Skimmers And Reactors Are Built Like Brickhouses

    AquaBee Cove protein skimmers and media reactors are a new line of aquarium devices which are powered by killer water pumps. The new AquaBee Cove acrylic products is a new partnership between a bonafide German pump manufacturer, and Cove, an acrylic fabricator from China which has been making...
  12. kalkwasser

    Skimmer upgrade.

    Hi guys. I am going to be upgrading my skimmer at the end of the month. I am looking at the Reef Octopus Regal 250 ext. I just wanna know from anyone who may be using this skimmer if they happy with it. I like what I see but just would like to hear your opinions.
  13. tharu07

    Skimmer choice

    Hi Guys I understand people are brand loyal when it comes to protein skimmers, but I would like advice that will assist me in deciding between the Reef Octopus NW 110 or the Bubble Magus Curve 5. Thanks
  14. leslie hempel

    [FS] Skimz sm202 skimmer body (no pump) - east london

    Item name AND Location. Skimz sm202 skimmer body (no pump) - east london Shipping or Collection or Both? All of the above Price 1500 Full description. immer body only Can go as is Was going to fit a sp4000 pump I have a pump that can go for extra for what I paid for it R1260...
  15. M

    RSS Ultra Reef Typhoon is the first skimmer designed for the controllable Sicce PSK pump

    Ultra Reef had a very big InterZoo, introducing their finely machined aquarium products to a wider audience than ever before. They already turned heads with their Nano Calcium Reactor and easily serviced media filter with possible Chaetomorpha reactor modification kit. The hits keep on rolling...
  16. M

    RSS K-Series protein skimmer from Aqua Medic

    The K-series protein skimmers are a new line of foam fractionators from Aqua Medic that were just announced at InterZoo 2016. The K-Series will take over and replace their predecessors, the Acone protein skimmers, with more than superficial improvements across the board. At first glance the body...
  17. RiaanP

    JNS Skimmer pump replacement

    Friend of mine @blackghostknife JNS skimmer stopped working. After taking it apart he noticed his impeller magnet cracked open. After trying today to get a replacement I offered him to use my TS2 until he can source a replacement. I'm not using the TS2 at the moment. He came around with...
  18. Mozzie

    [wtd] Skimmer wanted

    So I'm not rokerfella but I've got R1500 available. Looking for a skimmer to run a system of 700L total volume. Please let me know what you have.
  19. blackghostknife

    [wtd] jnc shark 2 skimmer impeller

    Hi All I looked everywhere the entire weekend for a jnc shark 2 skimmer impeller, but now one has. does anyone know were I can get 1? My skimmer has been off awhile it looks like.
  20. butcherman

    [wtd] Nano skimmer wanted

    I'm looking for a skimmer for a Tl550. Something like a hydro Or a tunze.
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