1. TheWaterboy

    profilux controllers

    hey all, just thought id give a mention to profilux......i had there south african distributor over today to program mine.........holy cow.......its unbelievable what this thing can do. i have been staring in awe as my tank had a propper ....and i mean proper sunset this evening followed by an...
  2. leslie hempel

    profilux computers in english

    ok guys there is alot that confuses me about the profilux computer system can the owners of such units put in "ENGLISH" for me tha layman how to go about looking at the various features of these units and what thy have to offer EG: 1 temperature controll and measurement? 2 salanity controll...
  3. Punk

    Profilux Email Notification!?

    hey guys, it doesn't look like we have a tank computer section so i'm posting it in the general section just got myself a profilux 2 plus i'm always worried about my tanks when i go away for the weekend or on holidays so i was hoping you can setup the profilux to send emails say every hour or...