1. S

    Pico Tank Wanted

    Hi, Does anyone build Pico Tank setups? Looking to get myself a pico Tank as well.
  2. jayswizzle

    [wtd] Pea Puffer Fish

    Hi guys, have created a nice pico fish tank using the Dymax IQ7 and looking for the Pea puffer, anyone know where one can get them from?
  3. Bartman


    Hi guys, I'm new to masa and new to the marine hobby but not to fish keeping, been a member for a while now but never posted anything.
  4. Lady Inferno

    [wtd] Pico tank wanted

    hi if you have one lying around that you not using let me know , a full pico set up even better.thanks
  5. reefer101

    My bedroom pico

    I have a 25L tank, I added live rock from my bigger tank into it hoping to start something nice
  6. Fishman

    [SOLD] [FS]: 18L Pico : Linbro Park, Jhb

    Full system sales or multiple items for sale.Thread title: 18L Pico Location: Linbro Park, Jhb Shipping or Collection only: Collection All sales to be conducted on the thread.I agree Photo's and description/list of items for sale: Hi guys. I'm packing up so letting this little tank go...
  7. M

    RSS Cobalt Aquatics debuts unique hand-blown glass pico aquariums

    Cobalt Aquatics unleashed a truly unique line of glass nano aquariums with the release of its new Cobalt DECORIA line of tanks handmade by European glass blowers at the Global Pet Expo this week. The tanks are made in Poland with low iron glass and since they are handmade, there are no seams...
  8. M

    RSS East1?s 1.5 gallon SPS tank is the swankiest pico reef to date

    Since the volumes associated with a ‘true’ pico reef is quite restrictive, we tend to think of pico reef tanks as examples of simplicity, and exercises in minimalism. Somehow, Nano-Reef forum user East1 failed to read that memorandum and charted a course for his unique 1.5 gallon SPS pico reef...
  9. TaahirS

    [wtd] pico tank wanted

    Hi guys. Jusst wondering if anyone has a 30cm(1foot) tank that they would like to sell? Also any other pico. Cheers.:thumbup:
  10. fish junkie

    [wtd] pico tank wanted (Cape Town)

    hey guys, looking for a nice pico tank. pm me if you got one going to waste.
  11. P

    My 25 liter pico.

    Hi this is my pico,Boyu tank with boyu hang on filter with sponge and seachem matrix,small Dymax pump for flow,50 watt heater and Zetlight 1201 led unit,corals starburst polyps,frogspawns,finger leather,pulsing xenias,brain coral and zoas and 1 hermit crab.
  12. kvans

    Kvans 10L DIY Pico

    Some shots of the pico tank I built. Full tank shot: Picture during cycling: Shot of my full spectrum LED: Shot of tank during construction: Shot of my overflow: Bonus shots: Hammer coral Mushrooms Let me know what you guys think! Im happy to answer any questions you...
  13. N

    Maintenance on a PICO

    Hi All, I have not posted on MASA for a while as I have not had a marine tank for a while but always been reading and learning. So I want to start a Pico, 30cm cube by 15cm high. about 2 kg of live rock, so should be about 10 litres of water. I will use a HOB filter. have not decided on...
  14. viper357

    SApicoreef has reached a post milestone

    Congrats to SApicoreef for reaching 1000 posts on the forum. Thank you for being an active member. :)
  15. S

    My not-so-pico Reef

    So for my 1,000th post I thought I would start my new build thread, SOOO here it goes! Being inspired by many wide, shallow tanks like @carlosdeandrade and @dallasg ’s tank to name two that stand out in my mind, my new main tank will be a 1200x900x500 rimless star fire tank. Unfortunately...
  16. F

    Looking for pico tank.

    Any one had enough and looking to sell. I interested in a quality little pic second hand. :peroni:
  17. Visser

    [FS]: Visser's Pico up fro grabs : Brits, North West

    Full system sales or multiple items for sale.Thread title: Visser's Pico up fro grabs Location: Brits, North West Shipping or Collection only: Collection only! All sales to be conducted on the thread.I agree Photo's and description/list of items for sale: Hi Guys. It’s with a sore...
  18. M

    [wtd] looking for a pico

    I'm looking for a pico IQ3 or IQ5,
  19. C

    10g pico started up

    My oldest son started his 30 liter tank today. He is only 11jr old and he collected old stuff from his grandpa's house. The skimmer and heater and mini power heads all were part of grandpa's tank 20jr ago. now he told me he want a led unit for his tank. I built him a stand and sump (all his own...
  20. Fishman

    [wtd] Frags for pico

    Hi guyz I'm looking for frags of the folllowing to stock my pico: Red monti cap Photosynthetic gorgonian Purple clove polyps Candy cane Rainbow zoanthids Any help will be appreciated.
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