1. leslie hempel

    [FS] Orphek azurelite

    Found one if these while rummaging through my stuff R500
  2. leslie hempel

    [FS] Orphek OR60 light bars 60cm - no drivers

    I have 2 of these units with no drivers for anyone wanting to take a chance on them. The are brand new but somehow the drivers got lost in my move. Units are priced to go @R1000ea not negotiable. One blue skye One reef day Price is excluding shipping.
  3. Papitto

    Orphek diode change

    Ola! I have a question for Orphek users that know more technical info on their products... I have a PR-156W (blues and whites), which i think is very old. I bought it off another reefer who had bought it off the original owner who is also a member. cant remember his name. I'm only to assume...
  4. leslie hempel

    The ORPHEK ATLANTIK V1 LED light review

    The ORPHEK LED Light REVIEW Model being reviewed: Orphek Atlantik V1 Guys I’d like to offer my comments on this light unit as an aquarist from my personal experience so please view it just as that. For years I watched LED build up as a formidable opponent to halide and T5 lighting, I have...
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