1. DvgyCpT

    Dvgy's 65Cube - Rise of the Reef

    Morning All, So decided to start my build thread for my 650mm reef cube. At the end of last year i was wafting around looking for something to take up as hobby but also add some 'life' to my home. Stumbled across couple reef vlogs on youtube & was hooked. Researched for the next couple of...

    My curved reef

    Hey all. been a member very long but finally have something to post about Specs as follows Tank - 1800x600x600 curved glass 19mm glass sump - 1600x400x350 Reef Octopus SP-3000 skimmer Bubble Magus Carbon Reactor Bubble Magus nitrate reactor 2 x Tunze 6095 pumps + Tunze 7096 controller Pacific...
  3. KevinOpperman

    Holiday Preparations TL-550

    Hi all! I just started my tank. You can follow the progress here. We really like going camping and just not being at home a lot. The first thing that comes to mind is that I need to keep my tank happy while I am not at home. I have 2 concerns: Water level Feeding the fish (this is not a...
  4. MeYr

    Making the transfer

    Hi After years of Planted tanks, Oscars and Cichlids, I am now ready (Or so I think) to try the wild an wonderful world of Reefkeeping! Doing a complete makeover of my tank, new stand, canopy etc. Breaking brick for a wall to wall garage-sump room setup. So, a long way to go. Hope I can make...
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