new tank build

  1. devesh.r

    My 1.2m slice of the ocean.

    Hi Guys and Girls. Quick back round before the pics start coming. I have been on MASA for around 4 years now ever since moving to JHB from KZN. My family had always kept fish tanks for ad long as I can recall. And I have been the first to take the brave decision to get into marine aquariums...
  2. ScubaLover22

    ScubaLover's - 5 Sided 4500L

    Hi All, Starting with a new build soon. Well hopefully soon. Looking to do the tank as a DIY project. The tank will be a divider between the lounge and the passage. Looking at carrying 3400 litres excluding the sump. The house is marked out with masking tape on the floors and very excited to...
  3. wannibi

    Tank builder in Pretoria area

    I am looking for a professional tank builder in the Pretoria area. I have read that Dorry's does a good job, but I can't seem to get a quote out of them. Any suggestions? Alternatively, any glass shops in pretoria where I can source low iron glass?