1. Rayhaan

    Fish, Shrimps & Anemones received

    Hi Everyone We have received the following livestock: Devil Scorpionfish (Lionfish) @ R345.00ea Unicorn Tangs @ R195.00ea Powder Blue Surgeons @ R669.00ea Black Fin Triggers @ R285.00ea Banner Fish @ R405.00ea Koran Angel (Juv) @ R295.00ea Diagonal Band Gobies @ R159.00ea Diamond Gobies @...
  2. faiyaz2

    [FS] Large carpet anemone for sale

    Getting too big for my tank and need to sell or swap for soft coral. Randburg: near cresta R600 or to swap for soft coral. Needs to urgently. No shipping. Anemone bottom of the picture. Under blue light he is a green blue colour.
  3. TheresaC

    [FS] Inferno bubble tip anemone Roodepoort

    Item name AND Location. Inferno bubble tip anemone Roodepoort Name of Fish/Coral Inferno Bubble Tip Anemone on a piece of live rock. How long have you had it? 3 years Is it eating and healthy? Yes Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price 1200 Info My...
  4. D

    [wtd] Coral Frags JHB or Nennie

    Does anyone have some frags or Nenie in JHB that I could come collect today. Itching to get some new corals [emoji4]
  5. Forbes

    Magnificent Anemone

    Hi Guys, I am worried about my nennie, he hasn't eaten in over a week. He droops a bit and then comes back, but for the last couple of days he has projected his orifice and retracted his tentacles. I have tried to feed him for three days, but he doesn't hold on to the food and the clean up crew...
  6. G

    Urgent help needed Purple foot Anemone

    Hi Have had a purple foot nennie for about 3 weeks, It seems that some tenticles are thin and not as fleshy as others. It has moved to a spot where I believe it is happy and stayed their for about 2 weeks now. In its walk about it moved on top of a purple/red mushroom that was stuck on the live...
  7. M

    [wtd] nennie

    Wanted red or green bubble tip nennie in durban
  8. elrohiras

    Anemone damage

    So got home tonight to find my nemmie is on walkabout (hasn't moved in many weeks, added a couple of corals at the weekend, not close though) and the little fool was feeling up the power head So I fed it a little piece of shrimp, I think it took it. I'm not sure of what else to do? Is it just...
  9. r0ckf1re

    [wtd] Nennie

    Looking for a RBTA or GBTA in jhb. 4
  10. Jacojs

    2nd Anemone ID please

    Hi again everyone. I purchased this anemone from a lfs last week, it was looking very bad and was really the size of a R5 coin, I know I should probably not have bought it but but I wanted to save it. I know its a bubble tip but can anyone give a more accurate ID please? It's looking much...
  11. Jacojs

    Anemone ID please

    Hi everyone. This Anemone came with some live rock, I have had it for about 3 months now and its still the same colour, it eats ferociously! Literally opens up again after 5 minutes if not less and thats after a rather big piece of prawn. Is it bleached or is this its colour? On the rock...
  12. Moaazo

    Bleached Inferno anemone

    Hi all i would like some help with my inferno as it has bleached and become pink and white when it's supposed to be orange with a tinge of green. Could you'll please advise me on how to get it's natural color back Thanks!!!
  13. viper357

    Anemone Pics

    Hi everyone, I would like to create a database of anemones for ID purposes on our ID page I would appreciate it if you could upload any anemone photo's you have into this thread, also a common name and scientific name if possible, otherwise just a pic would be great, your usernames will be...
  14. Aquetas

    [FS] Kenya Tree and Mini Carpet Nennie- JHB

    Item name AND Location. Kenya Tree and Mini Carpet Nennie- JHB Name of Fish/Coral Hi All Selling my Kenya tree and Carpet nennie on a live rock. The kenya tree opens quiet big over 15cm. The carpet Nennie is purple with Green ring, How long have you had it? long Is it eating and...
  15. Sheldon12

    [FS] Large Purple Tube Anemone (Midrand)

    Item name AND Location. Large Purple Tube Anemone (Midrand) Name of Fish/Coral Large Purple Tube Anemone How long have you had it? 2 Year Is it eating and healthy? Yes, Eating frozen shrimp and Lance fish Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R800 Info...
  16. NewbiePta

    Urgent help needed Purple foot nennie totally deflated

    Ok so this morning I fed all my nennies a piece of frozen line fish. Went out for a couple of hours and came back to this. Whats going on? The mouth is closed, so should I worry?
  17. Sheldon12

    [FS] bubble tip anemone (Midrand)

    Item name AND Location. bubble tip anemone (Midrand) Name of Fish/Coral bubble tip anemone How long have you had it? 4 months old Is it eating and healthy? Yes, Eating frozen shrimp and Lance fish Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R850 Info...
  18. leslie hempel

    Rock flower anemones

    Any sponsor got these beauties in stock?
  19. Sheldon12

    clowns hosting not in my anemone

    Hi All Need help, i have three clowns in my tank and non of them want to host in my neni. Clown Type: Ocellaris Neni, Orange Bubble tip anemone The clowns are abit small about 5cm and the neni is quite big . could that be the reason? why i ask is become i had a saddle back and it was like...
  20. Clowning

    [SOLD] Green bubble tip,purple long tentacle anemone

    Name of Fish/Coral- bubble tip anemones and purple long tentacle anemone Size of Fish/Coral- 5 - 30cm How long have you had it?- 3years Is it eating and healthy?- yes Your Location- Schaapkraal CPT Shipping or Collection or Both?- collection Price- see below Advertised Elsewhere? YES or NO-...
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