1. Powder blue

    [FS] Aquaria 37

    Hazzit guys have an aquaria 37 for sale Incl of all equipment except lights offers welcome 0837906165 Durban
  2. Dhasvir

    37ltr budget build

    Hey guys, not even one year later and I got another tank. It's gonna be a budget build tank as I'd like to see how far you can get with a limited budget in this hobby. It's an Aquria 37ltr nano tank. Everything is there, will need some tlc and a bit of repairs here and there but nothing to...
  3. Aquaria Magic Wave 102

    Aquaria Magic Wave 102

    Have an Aquaria Magic Wave 102 for sale in great condition. Not sure of age as I bought it second hand. All original parts still working and included. Hinges on back compartment broke off, but doesn’t affect the tank. One or 2 scratches on glass close to bottom, but nothing major. Will include...
  4. R

    Closed thread

    Looking for this nano skimmer. New or 2nd hand. Limited space in tank. Skimmer cup to be smaller than 7cm.
  5. kierantf97

    [wtd] Tunze nano skimmers

    Hi all, are there any tunze 9004 or 9001 skimmers available?
  6. N

    AI Prime HD and IM nuvo 10

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased an AI Prime HD and I was wondering if that is overkill the tank I would like to get, the IM nuvo 10? Thanks
  7. Kevesen


    ALL IN ONE PLUG AND PLAY SYSTEM FOR SALE LESS THAN A YEAR OLD Tank : Red sea max nano 75liter tank (45cmx45cmx45cm) Light : AI Prime HD( Wifi controlled) Return pump : 950LPH red sea pump Skimmer : Standard max nano skimmer ATO: Built in ATO includes cabinet R12 000
  8. N

    [FS] Frag/Qt tank for sale

    Hi all. Selling a Frag/Qt tank. 900 x 300 x 300. Also Includes a stand 850 high, jeabo dc 4000 return pump, heater and all plumping. Looking for R2250. Also have a Innovative marine ghost skimmer being sold seperatly.
  9. Kevesen

    [FS] Magic wave 37 with live stock

    37 liter Nano tank( includes return pump and skimmer) +/- 2kg live rock 1x Kenya tree 2x Pulsing xenia frags 1x Blue leg hermit crab Everything for R700
  10. W

    [FS] Red sea 130D

    Selling my red sea 130D includes tank& stand Zet1201 wifi + A200 controller Bubble magus qq skimmer Return pump Heater And a few other odds and end. Also have the original tanks parts Based In boksburg R5000
  11. kierantf97

    [FS] 110L nano (Durban)

    This tank is a nano cube fish tank. Size 45cm x 58cm x 45cm. Glass is 8mm all round with a 10mm base. Reason for the one side being 58cm was to accomidate a rear sump for a marine tank. This would make the display into a perfect 45cm x 45cm display cube. Tank is brand new so there are no...
  12. kierantf97

    My first nano build

    Hi all so im wanting to start a nano cube. It is going to have an 3 chamber internal sump in the back with 1)overflow into chaeto &matrix. 2nd chamber for skimmer and last chamber for return pump and heater. Iv ordered my glass to get my build on the way. Overall my tank size including sump...
  13. leslie hempel

    [FS] Tunze nano wavebox + controller

    Name of Item/s: tunze nano wavebox Your Location: east london Shipping or Collection or Both?: both at buyers expense Price: R1200 Info and Images: NOTE: Your thread will be deleted if you do not upload any photo's of actual items being sold.
  14. PietL

    PietL's Nano

    Hi Everyone I started my Aquaria 102 Nano in the beginning of March '15, and posted the first details in my introduction thread. Since then life got a bit busy and I didn't spend much time on the forum, but at least kept the basic tank husbandry up to date. I have also added fans to the lid...
  15. M

    [SOLD] Aquaria nano tank and Reef Octo skimmer

    Name of Item/s: Aquaria MW37 and Reef OCto XS160 Your Location: Pretoria Shipping or Collection or Both?: Collection only Price: R1200/R1000 Info and Images: 1) Aquaria MW37 tank. Only a few months old and barely used. Hood including lights have never been used and brand new in the box. (R1200)...
  16. M

    can u show us pics of your anenomes

    Hi guys.can u show us your pics of your anenomes
  17. Dimi943

    Are all Nano's created equal

    Hi guys. I'm not a complete newbie to the marine setup but have been out of the game for a couple of years now. I'm looking to get back in but just want to start small, slow and relatively simple for the time being. I'm interested in purchasing a Nano plug and play tank and would just like...
  18. floh

    [SOLD] IM Nuvo 16 Nano Tank

    Name of Item/s: IM Nuvo Aquarium Nano 16 AGE: less than a year Your Location: Fourways / Sandton Shipping or Collection or Both?: Both at your risk and cost, I do have all original packaging, so should ship fairly well. Reason for Selling: Upgraded to a bigger tank Prices: Tank - R2500 (Comes...
  19. blueneon

    Newly setup nano reef

    Hi all, Brand new to this forum so I just wanted to introduce myself and my current setup. To get some suggestions/advice etc. My background... I've been into aquariums for the better part of 20 years. I have done every manner of freshwater aquariums (currently run a 4ft planted aquascape), I...
  20. M

    RSS Salty Q&A: Are Fish in Nanos More Likely to Leap?

    This question, recently posted on our website by Eric B, got me thinking about some of the assumptions we tend to make about nano aquariums. So, in addition to my original answer to Eric’s inquiry, I’ve included a few more random thoughts on the subject afterward. Question Do you think that nano...
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