nano tanks wanted

  1. jayswizzle

    [wtd] [WTD] Nano Marine Tank

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy a compact Nano marine geared fish tank below the 2.5K mark. Not looking for anything experienced when dealing with marine aquatics. around 45cm in length or slightly less etc want to house a few small marine fish. i.e two clown fish and to put on a desktop stand...
  2. Dhasvir

    [wtd] Fully Equipped Marine tank (under R1999)

    Hi there, I'm currently looking for a marine tank preferably a Boyu tank or any brand as long as it contains a skimmer, tank, filtration, and lighting. if there are small amounts of damage to the equipment then I am more than willing to replace myself... just not to keen on tank scratches. I am...
  3. devesh.r

    [wtd] Nano tank wanted close to Randburg

    Hi Guys I'm looking for a smaller tank to keep all my RBT anemone in as they stinging all coral around them. Looking for a 45cm or 50cm cube or something close by at a reasonable price. Thank you.
  4. Z

    Hi... Newbie Again

    Hi I hope you all are doing well in these challenging times. I used to be on MASA until 2014. Unfortunately my TL550 broke while in transport that year and a was between apartments a lot around that time, so i never picked up on my hobby again. A lot has happened since then and i can't help...
  5. N

    AI Prime HD and IM nuvo 10

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased an AI Prime HD and I was wondering if that is overkill the tank I would like to get, the IM nuvo 10? Thanks
  6. A

    [FS] Innovative marine nuvo 10

    Innovative marine 38litre aquarium with everything you need Pefect low maintenance desktop tank Heater Coral growing light Screen fish jump protector Return pump Filter and sponges Tank retails for R3150 Light R1150 Heater R150 Total R4450 I'm asking for R2500 30 cm long 38 cm wide...
  7. K

    [wtd] nano tank wanted

    hey guys looking for a small tank around +/- 10 gallons with equipment that's in great condition. preferably any innovative marine tanks but i am open to anything. i wont be back til Monday but il reply to any messages once i get back
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