1. amalick

    MH vs Energy Savers

    I currently have about 10 T8 flouresent tubes on my system of various kalvin ranging from 20000k to 10000k. In addition I have a energy saver twin spotlight of about 23w (energy saver speak). I was thinking of replacing the energy saver spot and 2 T8 tubes with 2 or 3 150w metal halide pendents...
  2. SantaMonica

    LED/electronics expert needed

    LED/electronics expert needed for input on design/construction of third generation algae turf scrubbers. First generation was simply a light bulb and some plastic: Second generation was an acrylic box with high output T5HO's: Third generation will be high power LED based, with small...
  3. SantaMonica

    Mega Powerful Nitrate and Phosphate Remover - DIY!

    Part 1 of 2: Mega Powerful Nitrate and Phosphate Remover - DIY! Are you tired of green on your rocks? Do you have to clean your glass more than once a week? Well then I'm sure you've been told (or you've figured out) that your Nitrate and/or Phosphate are too high. Sure enough, if these are...
  4. Neil H

    Turf Algae Filter

    Hi Guys, Is anyone running one of these types of filters ????? Mega-Powerful Nitrate and Phosphate Remover Replaces Skimmer, Refugium, Everything - Any comments on this idea???
  5. W

    Camera For Sale

    Dear All I am in the process of winding up the estate of my late gardener, who passed away on a neighboring property last week. Amongst his personal effects is a digital camera in good condition. His next-of-kin have no use for the camera and have asked me to dispose of it. So, if anyone...
  6. H

    Best place to buy FW fish, equipment, and food in CTN northern suburbs

    Hi all. Can you please make some recommendations as to where I should go to look for a good variety of good quality equipment at decent prices. So far I've found Mega Mica (Willow Bridge, Tyger Valley) to be good in terms of variety, but have not compared prices or quality yet. I'm new to this...
  7. Matt

    Nano Fish Listed By Tank Size

    I found this article "fish stocking guide for a nano reef" on the forum. Think it might help some people here. Also if anyone disagrees with any here feel free to post, help us all learn more ;) Seahorses are listed by tank size with specific stocking suggestions in the Fish by...
  8. Rory

    Where to get stuff

    I though a good idea for a thread would be a list of non-LFS shops and what useful stuff (for reefkeeping) you can get there. I will update the first post as people post and keep it all neatly in one place. Will almost be a shopping list for newbies ;) Builders Warehouse Dremels (fragging...
  9. psycho

    Close Up Corals

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