1. leslie hempel

    [wtd] Aqua medic mega mag

    Anyone got one to sell at a good price please inbox me
  2. M

    RSS Consumers still protesting Petco / Drs. Foster Smith deal

    Now that it’s been several months of Petco’s acquisition of Drs. Foster & Smith and their famous Live Aquaria division the Internet has  and is still crying out in protest of the deal. Every major social network has been slammed with negative responses to the news including news outlets that are...
  3. M

    RSS ReefStock 2015 is right around the corner in Denver, Colorado

    It’s really crazy to think that when ReefStock first took place in 2008, there never was a long term plan to make it an annual tradition. But here we are seven years later and seven shows under our belts that ReefStock has grown to be the best regional reef aquarium event in the country. Rather...
  4. Nemeziz_za

    [SOLD] [FS]: Aqua Medic Mega Mag 1: Western Cape (Nsubs)

    Hardware for saleThread title: Aqua Medic Mega Mag 1 Location: Western Cape (Nsubs) Shipping or Collection only: Collection All sales to be conducted on the thread.I agree Photo's and description/list of items for sale: Hi, I am selling 2 x Aquamedic MegaMag 1 magnetic cleaners for...
  5. M

    RSS Reef Builders Editor’s Choice: 10 best new products of 2014

    Every year we have been doing this reef aquarium blogging gig, we’ve looked out for the best and most innovative new products to be announced around the world. Hundreds of new aquarium products are introduced every year and the competition for the Editor’s Choice Award gets more fierce every...
  6. Brett Melvill

    [SOLD] [FS]: Aqua Medic - Mega Mag: Durban

    Hardware for saleThread title: Aqua Medic - Mega Mag Location: Durban Shipping or Collection only: Willing to ship All sales to be conducted on the thread.I agree Photo's and description/list of items for sale: Aqua Medic - Mega Mag and Scrapper (incl. 3 new blades) - R500 Notes: -
  7. G

    New Tunze Nano streams 6020 & 6040

    Have the perfect circulation in your Nano without seeing your pumps. Technical Data 6020 Nano Stream Ideal for aquariums 40 to 250 liters volume Circulation performance 2500 liters per hour Power consumption 4 w ( mega saving ) Cable length 2 m Size with out flow deflector 65 x 60 x 72...
  8. Moolis Moolman

    LESS a MEGA 40% on 40 corals

    Hi Reefers As a lot of you know by now I am handing over the managing reigns to Shawn and Bary Monday morning (2014-09-01) and I decided that as part of my last decisions (without consulting Shawn) and departing gift to all of you to have one last MEGA DISCOUNT!!:lol: LESS 40% on 40 corals...
  9. mandrin

    [SOLD] Nokia N 9 16 Gig smart phone for sale

    Hi guys I have my 10 month nokia n 9 smart phone for sale has 8 mega pixel camera records video in HD Great phone asking R 2000.00
  10. M

    RSS Some idiot planted Xenia on a Venezuelan reef to awful effect

    We reefers have long considered*Xenia species to be a particularly weedy species in our aquariums. There once was a time when any Xenia was worth its weight in gold but now you’d be lucky to get $10 a pound, and much of it gets thrown away as a form of nutrient export for aquariums. Well we...
  11. nudibranch

    Netram Technologies

    Netram have some specials on at the moment
  12. Express Reef

    Arduino Controlled Dosing Pumps

    I found this super cool thread on how to build a very cool Arduino based doser for under R800:P Arduino Controlled Dosing Pumps | Fish Tank Projects Most off the parts is very cheap on ebay, think its even possible to build this doser for under R500:thumbup: Uno R3 Development Board...
  13. M

    Large re-circ skimmer design

    It's no mystery that I need a serious skimmer, recirculating, 7000L SPS tank, need it rated for 10,000L tank. Pumps - Reef octo diablo dc5500s - Two waiting to be used, more could be aquired or if any suggestions on a higher quality and reliable pump? Which modern designs stand out at the...
  14. King_Triton

    My DIY doser for R50

    Hi everyone would like to share my DIY doser that costed me R50. This is not the final product, but all that's left to do it put into a project box. I will be hooking 3 of these up to my arduino controller I'm busy with. Things you need: 1) Kids bubble gun 2) 10k potentiometer 3) project...
  15. JohannA

    New to reef keeping

    I have just started with a boyu 170L tropical reef tank and need all the help I can get.Reef has hard and soft coral and the following.2 regals,2 clowns,1 sand gobie,2 cardinals,2 cleaner shrimp,2 hermit crabs and 2 snails. System has skimmer,filterfloss and life rock,uv,tempreture and...
  16. Loki

    [SOLD] [FS]: Arduino components to swap: Jhb South

    Hardware for saleThread title: Arduino components to swap Location: Jhb South Shipping or Collection only: Both at buyers expense and arrangement All sales to be conducted on the thread.I agree Photo's and description/list of items for sale: Hi guys I'd like to swap my Arduino...
  17. M

    RSS ReefStock 2013 video by Mr. Saltwater Tank gives a first hand look at our fabulous re

    The sixth ReefStock this past March was an overwhelming success and at this point it’s safe to say that we have a good handle on this marine and reef aquarium event thing. With 1100 attendees ReefStock VI was not the largest show in existence but it’s not how big your show is, but how you use it...
  18. M

    RSS Bleeding Apple Australomussa is the Mother of all ‘Mussas

    Holy Wow, mother of all that is Reef and Holy would you take a look at this*Australomussa rowleyensis, the Mother of all Mussas. We’ve long been a fan of Australomussa, especially since they began being collected from Timor Indonesia. The two-face ‘Mussa was nice too but this colony currently in...
  19. Goby

    [FS]: Reef Abgel Head Unit Board: Vanderbijlpark

    Hardware for saleThread title: Reef Angel Head Unit Board Location: Vanderbijlpark Shipping or Collection only: Collection or Shipping at your Expense and Risk! All sales to be conducted on the thread.I agree Photo's and description/list of items for sale: Hi, I have a unused Reef...
  20. M

    RSS StarkLED Flare strips are modular and impressive build quality

    The StarkLED Flare strip lights are some really cool fixtures we first highlighted because of their great modular appeal, but it turns out however these fixtures have another major thing going for them: some serious building quality. Constructed out of aluminum, anodized and then power coated in...
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