marine fish

  1. J

    [FS] Marine fishtank complete for sale

    Hi Selling my 300 litre tank including 100 litre sump and custom cabinet with metal internal frame on wheels with castors so can be moved around when full. Includes all equipment, pumps, 2x heaters, chiller, lighting, fish coral and live rock. If interested let me know and can send more info on...
  2. Shawn1937

    New Joiner

    Hi All New Joiner all the way in Witbank! Looking for some great deals on Marine fish!
  3. IVAN_97

    [wtd] Cardinal fish wanted

    Hi I'm look for a banghai or pajama cardinal. I have a three spotted domino damsel to swap for it.
  4. HPS

    Importing fish

    Good day all! Lol sorry kinda full of Q's today, im thinking of importing my own fish and corral from Bali or Vietnam to cut out petshop chargers. Can anyone here advise me on the permis and stuff needed to do so? Dont wanna do all the trouble of getting destributers willing to ship to me and...
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