1. leslie hempel

    Dosing bulk bought chemicals/additives

    Guys who of you are buying and dosing additives in bulk? What is your take on it and where can I buy? What is available and what should I be asking for?? My alk and cal are being depleted so quickly that I'm considering a carx but I do have a doser I'm wanting to rig up for the daily...
  2. Papitto

    Are my parameters fine?

    Hi Masa, I'm trying to understand my consumption in my tank. I been testing every 3 days and these are the results: (will show latest comparison) 11-02-2016: Alk - 8.9 Ca - 500+ Mg 1260 Ph - 8.1 15-02-2016: Alk - 8.6 Ca - 480 Mg - 1440 ( dosed Mg over 3 days) Ph - 8.1 18-02-2016: Alk - 8.3 Ca...
  3. Papitto

    High Calcium... what could i do to fix?

    Hi Masa, Tested my Ca,Mg and Kh for the past few weeks. Ca: 500+ Salifert Mg: 1290 Salifert Kh: 8.7 Salifert Ph: 8.15 SG: 1.025 Does this look normal or is Ca too high? I'm dosing Kalk in my top off bucket.
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