1. Copperband

    The right light for a Nenny

    Crew I have 2 nennies in my tank a green carpet and a magnificent. Now the green carpet is as happy as a pig in you know what but everytime the magnificent gets to much light it sulks. I have now covered the tank section where the nenny and my LPS's are with 40% shade cloth and the change in...
  2. Copperband

    Water Parameters

    The following IMHO is critical water parameters that we should adhere to: Calcium - 380 -450 ppm Alkalinity - 7-11dKH Salinity - 35ppt or sg 1.026 pH - 7.8-8.5 OK but 8.1-8.3 BEST Temp - 24-28C Magnesium - 1250-1350 ppm Phosphate - < 0.03 ppm Ammonia - < 0.1 ppm Nitrate - < 0.2 ppm Nitrite - <...
  3. Copperband

    Aquarium Lighting - MH

    One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to metal halide lighting is which bulb is compatible with which ballast. Most American made bulbs are going to be probe start bulbs, meaning that they have a starting electrode built into the bulb. Most European made bulbs are going to be...
  4. viper357

    Magnesium Test Kits

    Hello all Does anybody have any experience with Magnesium test kits, which is the best make of test kit to buy? Thanks.
  5. DragonReef

    The Bryopsis thread.

    Bryopsis... The very name makes me shudder. Those that have been cursed with this algae will know what I mean Probably one of the toughest plague algaes to combat and control once it gets a foothold in your system. most times the infestations are so severe that aquarists eventually pull all...
  6. Copperband

    Achilles Tang

    Guys does anyone own one of these? I really want one are they hard to keep any information would really be appreciated.
  7. Copperband


    Guys if you do regular water changes (10% per week minimum) do you need to dose supplements? I currently do both, I do water changes and dose Iodine, Magnesium, Strontium and trace elements.
  8. J

    my tank

    this tank has been set up for 1 year after a crash out on my first system spec's of the tank are 3 and a half foot tank with a two foot sump as for live rock i have not got a clue on how much i have in there ! water spec's ph 8.2 kh 9.5-10 cal 400-415 mct...
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